Airline Guide

The Flight Centre Airline Guide provides an easy way to access and compare full-service and low cost airlines from around the world. You can find the right fit for your trip, wherever you're going with details about cabin classes, check-in options, baggage allowances, rewards programs and airline lounges all available.

Getting ready to fly

Should I choose the cheapest fare?

It's worth noting low-priced fares usually have more restrictions and penalties if you require changes. Generally the more expensive tickets, or flexible fares, have fewer restrictions and penalties. So if your plans are subject to change, or you would like the freedom of flexibility in your ticket, ask your consultant for this option.

I'm going to a few different places, am I best to fly with just one airline?

Airlines often form alliances to offer the freedom and flexibility to fly you anywhere in the world. Here at Flight Centre we offer tailor-made itineraries such as 2 stop and 3 stop Red Label Fares that offer incredible value. Alternatively, talk to our team of Round the World experts to find out about our multi-stop flights. You'll be surprised by how much of the world you can see for such a fantastic price.

Can I use the airline lounges at airports?

Airlines usually offer lounges to First and Business Class travellers, or in some instances, as a benefit of membership to their frequent flyer programs. Increasingly however, some airports and airlines allow passengers to pay to use their lounges, with facilities including internet access, showers, massages, meals and refreshments. Visit our Airport Guide for more information.

Making the most of travel loyalty programs

There are a variety of airline loyalty programs available that allow you to earn points for flying with a specific carrier or purchasing goods or services from its affiliated partners. To maximise the amount of points earned, choose an airline that best reflects your travel needs – including departure points, flight network and timetables. Try to book your flights with this airline and take advantage of their affiliated airline partners to earn points across a global flight network. Usually, the higher the cabin class and higher your membership status, the more points you'll earn.

Today points are earned on the ground too with affiliated partners or through credit card loyalty programs linked to an airline or travel partner. This means you can earn points on a variety of everyday purchases. Points can be redeemed for a wide range of travel benefits and increasingly non-travel related goods and services as well. To add your frequent flyer points to your booking, talk to your Flight Centre consultant.