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Australia's landmass may be vast, but it's the country's golden coastline where all the action happens. With much of the population congregating around the coast, Australia's beach culture is very much ingrained (and surf-wear, a national dress code). It's so beloved in fact, that the coast is even referenced in the country's national anthem – 'our home is girt by sea'. So to truly experience Australia, you've got to experience the beaches; feet sunken into the white sands, or kicking through the water. 

Once there you'll find a whole new world; one of pristine beaches, sleepy towns and surfers with their own language. You'll also find a world of awe-inspiring wildlife, ranging from the largest of whale sharks on the western side of Australia, right down to the tiniest of clown fish (referred to around the world as 'Nemo'), on the eastern side. Whichever side you choose, Australia's coastline is bound to not only live up to it's Home & Away hype, but exceed it.  

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From the tropical top of Cape Tribulation all the way down to the rugged cliffs of Tasmania, we live, breathe and love Australia. It's in our heritage; in 1982 we opened our first Flight Centre store in Sydney. And while we've grown to over 2,500 stores around the world, travel to Australia has – and always will be – embedded in our culture. This unrivalled passion means we not only have one of the widest choice of tailor-made Australia holidays and flights in the UK, but all of our people are Aussie Experts, having either lived in or visited Australia.

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