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Opera House »

Consistently voted as one of the best opera houses in Europe, this modern theatre and opera house complex is the home of Oper Frankfurt Company, itself voted one of the finest opera companies in the world. The Frankfurt Opera House hosts some of the finest productions in the world and... more »

Open Park Space »

Frankfurt may be one of the worlds busiest and biggest financial centres but it is also a city blessed with inviting parks and beautiful natural settings. Lush green spaces can be found throughout the city and these areas create an inviting urban escape. Like the historic structures that line the... more »

City Hall – Römer »

The century’s old gothic buildings that make up the Römer - Old City Hall are one of Frankfurt’s most important historic structures and are a top tourist destination for visitors to the city. Römer is a German surname meaning ‘Roman’ and the complex is named as such for the family... more »

St. Paul’s Church »

St. Paul’s Church has important religious and political significance in German history. Construction began in 1789 when St. Paul’s was a Lutheran church. The city as was customary at the time ran the church but permitted its usage by the congregation for their religious services however in 1848 St. Paul’s... more »

Alte Oper »

The Old Frankfurt Opera House is a magnificent, temple like building which pays tribute to the great music and operatic traditions of Germany through the beauty of its classic architecture. Built in the 1870’s this grand concert hall was heavily damaged during World War II but was rebuilt slowly until... more »

Zeil »

The Zeil (German for ‘row’) is Frankfurt’s famous retail street known for its exclusive department stores, boutiques and shops. Known simply as the ‘Zeil’, the area also features attractive thoroughfares and inviting plazas for shoppers, tourists and locals alike to relax and enjoy the many cafés and restaurants along the... more »

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