Caribbean and Mexico


From beaches to jungles and urban sprawl, this region has it all

Worship the sun on some of the world's best beaches or trek through dark jungles to places that time forgot; there's plenty to see and do in the Carribbean and Mexico. You can laze on the beach in the beautiful Cayman Islands, swim in ancient cenotes in Mexico or snorkel the incredible reefs of Barbados with the help of our Carribbean and Mexico travel guide.




Wherever you travel in the Carribbean or Mexico, some knowledge of Spanish is likely to come in handy. Spanish is the official language of Mexico while in the Carribbean islands English is the official language, although Spanish, French, Dutch, Haitian Creole and Papiamento are also widely spoken.

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Featured Destinations

Travel to the Caribbean & Mexico

Discover the countries bridging North and South America

Nicaragua is Central America's largest country but, surprisingly, the least visited. This is not for lack of sights to see, however – Nicaragua is home to wonderful architecture, quaint villages, and beautiful beaches. Experience Spanish culture with a twist in colourful Puerto Rico or Cuba, where you can channel your inner Che Guevara. For unparalleled natural beauty and adventure, book a Central America tour and let your guide show you the region as the locals know it.

Capitol Building and Streetscape in Havana, Cuba{C}{C}

Panama is the last of the countries connecting the Americas, with its main attraction the Panama Canal a stunning display of manpower. Panama Viejo is all that remains of old Panama City, where you'll find colonial architecture, cosy cafes and restaurants interspersed with crumbling ruins. Don't miss beach destination Bocas del Toro, 'the mouth of the bull' – its aquamarine waters provide the ideal setting for surf lessons.

Last but not least are the stunning islands of the Caribbean, one of the world's most popular tropical playgrounds. The Caribbean is all about the enjoyment of life, from the resort-fringed beaches of the Cayman Islands to the laidback lifestyle of the Bahamas and the cricket-loving islands that make up the West Indies cricket team (including Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Grenada). The Caribbean is a haven for water sport enthusiasts, outdoor lovers and those who simply want to soak in the sun on a picturesque beach with palms swaying gently in the background.

Eat, drink, siesta, repeat

While the foundation of most Central American cuisine is rice and beans, there is a great diversity of flavours to be sampled from country to country. Treat yourself to El Salvador's pupusas (thick, stuffed corn tortillas) before feasting on a fried banana-like fruit known as plantain for dessert. Polish off a baleada (similar to a folded breakfast burrito) in Honduras, gorge yourself on sweet cassava doughnut balls called bunuelos in Nicaragua and devour an empanada (comparable to a Cornish pasty) or two in Panama. Finish off your culinary journey with a nightcap of Caribbean rum or a single origin Costa Rican coffee, sleep it off and get ready for another day of indulgence.

Celebrating Central America

At no time is Central America's colourful culture more evident than during a festival. There are fiestas across the calendar year in all 7 nations, showcasing that trademark Latin American zest for life. Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, one of the most signification celebrations in the Caribbean, entices locals to see how low they can go in a limbo competition as calypso music chimes around them. Dia de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead festival, is celebrated with gusto in Mexico.

Celebrate Carnival Costa Rica style

Getting there and around

Book your flights to the Caribbean and Mexico and be wowed by the diversity jampacked into such a comparitively small area. Chasing the ultimate island honeymoon or a beach holiday abroad? Have a look at these Caribbean holiday packages and bundle your holiday plans together in one great value deal. We combine flights, hotels, tours and added bonuses so you can focus on making sure you have enough space on your camera to fully capture the beauty of the Caribbean.

Ideas & Inspirations

Lying dormant for hundreds of years, the Mayan ruins of Tikal are an astonishing reminder of an ancient civilisations which once flourished in this part of modern-day Guatemala.
Separated from the rest of Mexico and with a long history of independence, the Yucatán Peninsula is one of the region's most picturesque and popular tourist destinations.
Beyond the big name beach towns like Veracruz and Acapulco lie two stretches of Mexican coast, ideal for swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing away from the masses.
The Caribbean conjures images of sandy beaches, crystal-clear ocean waters and palm-fringed villages. Many visitors make the most of these idyllic islands on a Caribbean cruise.
Step off the plane and into another world with a trip to Cuba's historic capital Havana, boasting a heady mix of colonial architecture, revolutionary relics and gas-guzzling automobiles.
Panama is located on the isthmus connecting North and South America. Called the 'Crossroads of the Americas' for its strategic location, it is now a booming tourist destination.