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USA Fly-drive Holidays

USA road trips

The car is such an established part of American life and, indeed, any American holiday. Enjoy the freedom of getting out on the road and discover what this marvellous nation has to offer – from dramatic stretches of tarmac that stretch off into the distance to the landmarks and roadside diners along them. A road trip through the USA is ingrained in literature, film and music so you're sure to see some iconic sights on your fly-drive holiday through the USA. There are many options available when it comes to exploring this vast nation; get inspired by some of our favourite itineraries below.   

Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon

Part of so many USA road trip itineraries, Las Vegas is the epicentre of hedonistic living in the USA. Indeed, its iconic Strip is world famous, as are the glitzy lights of the casinos, the shows and the nightlife. Another essential stop on any USA fly-drive itinerary is the Grand Canyon, close enough to Las Vegas that most people will take the opportunity to visit both. It is perhaps the most dramatic landscape in the world. Drive around the West Rim (the closest section of the Canyon to Vegas) of this monumental gorge, and admire the Colorado River, stroll the dizzying Skywalk, or simply take in the grandeur of this natural wonder.

Route 66

Of all the American road trips, one stretch of tarmac sits head and shoulders above the rest: Route 66. The road stretches from Chicago, through the heart of America, passing through eight states all the way to Los Angeles where it terminates at Santa Monica Pier. The road is an American institution. It was used during the Great Depression for people searching for an escape to a better life. Stops along this iconic route include St Louis, Amarillo, Cowboy Country, Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

Highway 1 & California

The state of California has the most incredible variety of attractions to explore: the picturesque Golden Gate city of San Francisco, the glamorous Los Angeles, the epic coastline of Big Sur, innumerable sweeping sandy beaches and a plethora of indescribable vistas in national parks like Yosemite, Joshua Tree and Sequoia. Highway 1 runs along the Pacific Coast and takes in much of what makes California the ultimate driving holiday destination.

East Coast

Perhaps not associated with road trips as much as the West Coast, the East Coast has an abundance of options for your fly-drive holiday to the USA. From the metropolis of New York to the political capital of the world – Washington DC – to the sun-drenched beaches of Florida, there’s so much to discover from behind the wheel.

National parks

One of the most compelling reasons to visit America is its national parks. And, with there being so many across a country so large. undoubtedly the best way to discover them is by driving between them. Cruise through the Yosemite Valley, breeze through the impossible landscapes of Zion and Arches and leave no stone unturned in Yellowstone.

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Deep South

So much of the strife, and cultural contrast, of America is visible in the Deep South. You can party in the street in the sparkling city of New Orleans to the upbeat sounds of Jazz, dance away your troubles to the blues in Memphis or Nashville, and visit the sobering, yet stunning plantations of Mississippi and Alabama. Indeed, there are few better places to learn about the meaningful history behind the USA's Civil Rights Movement. One thing's for sure, there's so much to experience when driving around this fascinating corner of America.


Alaska may not be the kind of destination where you cruise around, top down, at every moment, but that doesn't make it any less of a road trip destination. Visit the peaceful national parks and try to spot some of the superb wildlife – road tripping here offers something truly spectacular. See our Alaska fly-drive itineraries below.  

Florida & the Keys

The Sunshine State, in contrast to Alaska, is the perfect place for hiring a convertible. Cruise through the glamorous Art Deco town of Miami and the theme parks of Orlando, before motoring along some of the most spectacular bridges in the world en route to the Florida Keys.

New England

Consisting of the US states of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, New England is commonly dubbed as the birthplace of the USA. As such, it is filled with historical and cultural significance. It is this, and more, that makes New England the perfect place for an all-American road trip. The area is perhaps best known for its intense fall leaves display during autumn – grab your car and sweep through this dazzling array of colours, taking in the mountain views, quaint seaside villages and fresh seafood the region is famous for.


Although the state of Hawaii, sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, may not immediately spring to mind when thinking of an American fly-drive itinerary it is no less worthy of recognition. Hawaii’s attractions are world famous, from the glamour of Waikiki Beach to the history surrounding Pearl Harbour, the rich Polynesian culture and the intense natural wonders of volcanic hotspots like Volcanoes National Park, Haleakala National Park and Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park.

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Flight Centre’s Travel Consultants really know their stuff when it comes to creating bespoke itineraries. Get in touch below, and let us tailor-make it easy