Death Valley Holidays

Easily accessible for most California holidays that include Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Death Valley is a must-see on your visit to the USA. This unique area in the northern Mojave Desert is one of the hottest places on Earth. However, it’s not all barren landscapes; peaks are commonly snow-capped in winter and, during rains, the basin is awash with wildflowers.

Popular Death Valley Holidays

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Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

The Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes are the most well known and most visited dunes in Death Valley National Park – the others being the Eureka Valley Dunes, Saline Valley Dunes, Panamint Dunes and Ibex Dunes. Despite being the feature that most visitors expect to see in deserts, sand dunes are actually relatively rare. Therefore, the Mesquite Flats are a great place to see that ‘classic’ desert image with your own eyes. The dunes span a vast area and, at their highest, rise to over 30 metres, rippling gently for miles. For the adventurous of heart, why not have a gp at sandboarding here?

Zabriskie Point

With its moon-like or Martian-esque landscapes, the Death Valley's Zabriskie Point is a spectacular location to visit. Colourful ravines contrast sharp peaks in the foreground, giving way to flat salt plains and the Black Mountains in the background. If you are able, climb some of the adjacent hills for a more private and exclusive view.

Dante’s View

On the north side of Coffin Peak, about 15 miles from the village of Furnace Creek is Dante’s View. Towering skywards at 1,669 metres, this lofty viewpoint overlooks the whole of Death Valley and is a great spot for soaking up the sheer size of the national park. It offers some fantastic photo opportunities too.

Badwater Basin

The lowest point in North America and the second lowest point in the Western Hemisphere, Badwater Basin is located towards the south of Death Valley National Park. It's made up of salt flats that stretch for more than five miles, leaving you feeling as though the landscape you are in goes on forever.

Racetrack Playa

We love a good mystery, and that's why we love Racetrack Playa. The old lake bed here is almost perfectly flat and, on the surface, you'll see a tapestry of small cracks. These cracks are in fact the trails of large rocks, which slide along the surface of Racetrack Playa. But how they do they move, we hear you cry? Herein lies the mystery. Even though they are unexplained and subject to scientific scrutiny one thing's for sure: they make for a spectacular photograph.   

Devil's Golf Course

Never fear, we're not trying to get you to play on a particularly tricky golf course! Despite the name, the Devil's Golf Course is in fact a large salt pan on the floor of Death Valley. The ground is so rocky here that it was said that “only the devil could play golf” on its surface. If you listen carefully you will hear cracks and pops – this is the sound made by salt crystals bursting as they expand in the heat.

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