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Long Haul Holidays

Long Haul Tailor Made Holidays

Whilst all Holidays are special a long haul holiday is truly something amazing. Although holidays in Europe are enchanting there is no parallel for being able to stand at the very edge of the Grand Canyon and stare across the abyss into the peach and tangerine coloured rock, or holding a warm and fleecy Koala whilst it munches through Eucalyptus leaves, or watching pride of lionesses silently stalk through the savannah in the morning light on the grassland scrub in Kruger national park.

Whisking yourselves away to far flung destinations has also never been easier or more pleasant. With many airlines making huge strides in improving comfort levels with new food menus and more comfortable cabins. Hotels also increasingly offer home comforts along with eye opening new experiences.  So widen your horizons - have a look at some of our long haul holidays today and discover how surprisingly easy and affordable long-haul tailor made holidays can be.

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