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Fly-drive Canada Holidays

Fly-drive Canada Holidays

A Canada holiday opens up the opportunity to experience pristine and dramatic natural landscapes, incredible wildlife and unique cultural experiences. From the craggy peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the picturesque towns of Nova Scotia, the best way to explore this amazing country is undoubtedly to get out on the open road. Having your own vehicle gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace as well as the opportunity to get off the beaten track.  

Atlantic Canada

Canada’s east coast feels like a new frontier, where charming fishing villages cling to cliffsides and dramatic coastlines are bursting with colourful fishing boats and an array of fascinating marine life, from whales to orcas. Nova Scotia and the Maritimes are home to numerous lighthouses which punctuate sweeping bays and postcard-perfect vistas, why not take the car to a secluded spot to enjoy some lobster this region is famous for? If you want to truly get off the beaten track head to Newfoundland and Labrador and discover uninhabited islands and spectacular landscapes, carved by thousands of years of glaciation.

Eastern Canada

Eastern Canada has a wealth of iconic Canadian travel experiences. Make the most of exploring this amazing region by flying in and driving to the magnificent Niagara Falls, through the quaint French-influenced towns of Quebec, and into a tapestry of auburns and apricots when travelling through the countryside in the autumn. Fancy something more active? Grab a canoe and explore some of Ontario's most beloved waterways, including Lake Erie, Lake Huron and the state namesake, Lake Ontario.

British Columbia and the Rockies

With ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the outdoors British Columbia and the Rockies are a road tripper's paradise. Most exploration in this laid-back corner of the world begins in the city of Vancouver where you can sample locally-produced, artisanal foods by the edge of a harbour which is teeming with wildlife. From here you can venture to the world-famous ski resort of Whistler where in the winter you can hit the slopes or, in the summer months, hike, kayak and search for grizzly bears amongst the pine trees with the vivid Rocky Mountains as your backdrop. Venture inland to drive along the epic Icefields Parkway from Banff to Jasper National Park, where highlights include the dramatic Columbia Icefields, Athabasca Falls and Lake Louise.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a breathtaking trifecta of waterfalls on the border between the USA and Canada and, as well as being an incredible natural wonder, it is a brilliant base from which to explore the rest of Canada.