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Things to Do in Tasmania

Richmond Tasmania Australia

Taking the best bits of Australia and condensing them into miniature, Tasmania is a wild, rugged island dotted with mountains and lakes, ringed by a rocky shoreline and home to plenty of quaint towns and historic villages. Do not underestimate Tasmania’s size though – to do it justice you’ll need at least a week. For our favourite stops for your Tasmania holiday, take a look at our suggestions below.

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Explore laid-back Hobart

Hobart’s sublime location, with its natural sailing port, fresh water and photogenic Mount Wellington backdrop, inspires locals and tourists alike, creating a chilled vibe not often seen on the Australian mainland. Browse the markets, museums and galleries, admire the Georgian architecture and head up ‘Mount Welly’ for panoramic views of the city, the harbour and beyond.

How to do it: Take a look at Flight Centre’s Victoria & Tasmania Highlights itinerary, which includes two nights in Hobart as well as a Hobart City Tour.

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Hike in Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

Gorgeous Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is Tasmania’s crowning glory, a craggy wilderness of glassy lakes, alpine forests and of course the towering peak of Cradle Mountain (1,545m). Spend a day or two hiking the tracks – try the circumnavigation of Dove Lake – and look out for wallabies, wombats and the occasional Tasmanian devil, as well as the elusive platypus.

How to do it: Set of on our Tasmanian Explorer holiday, which includes two nights at the 4* Cradle Mountain Hotel.

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Discover the history of Port Arthur

Step back in time in historic city of Port Arthur, home to a collection of heritage buildings found around 60 miles from Hobart. Its peaceful seaside setting among green lawns and pretty trees hides the turbulent tales of the convicts once kept here. Discover more on a guided tour and cruise the shoreline on a day trip from Hobart, or stay the night and do the eerie night-time ghost tour; it’s up to you.

How to do it: Embark on Flight Centre’s Tasmanian Explorer holiday, which includes two nights in Port Arthur as well as a Port Arthur Ghost Tour.

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Cruise Freycinet National Park’s Wineglass Bay

Freycinet National Park is home to the spectacular sweep of sand that makes up the iconic Wineglass Bay, so-called for its resemblance to the stem of a glass of wine. Hike to the lookout point, kayak the rocky shoreline or take a cruise and soak up the spectacularly furrowed scenery. The surrounding waters are home to whales, dolphins and seals, and some of the freshest oysters you’ll ever taste.

How to do it: Set sail on Flight Centre’s Australian Cities & Pristine Tasmania holiday, which includes a 7 night Pristine Tasmania cruise with Coral Expeditions on board the Coral Discoverer, calling in at Wineglass Bay and Freycinet National Park.

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Ascend Mount Wellington

If you don't fancy climbing the 1,269m summit of Mount Welly, as it’s affectionately known, fear not: there's a road winding right the way to the top, and you can even take the bus. Be sure to wrap up warm though, as temperatures at the top often drop below freezing, but the views over Hobart and the ocean beyond are spectacular. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can hire a mountain bike and whizz down the slopes on two wheels.

How to do it: Embark on our Campervanning in Tasmania holiday, which includes two nights in Hobart, giving you plenty of time to hike or drive up Mount Wellington.

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Stay overnight in a museum

The Museum of Old & New Art (MONA), on the grounds of the Moorilla Estate Winery just outside Hobart, offers the rare opportunity to spend the night in an art gallery. You won't quite be sleeping among the exhibits, which include dark, thought-provoking modern pieces mixed with more traditional antiquities and historical relics, but The Pavilions, the quirky on-site hotel, offers the next best thing with its ultra-modern, hi-tech rooms decorated with artefacts and pieces from the museum.

How to do it: Chat to our Tasmania Experts for ideas on how to add a stay at MONA to your Tasmania Holiday.

For further ideas of what you can see and do on your Tasmania holiday, check out our Tasmania Holidays page.