We Know Your Travel Style...


Coronavirus may have changed the landscape of travel, but it hasn't changed the fact we have a holiday for everyone. So whether you're the same traveller you always were, or someone completely different, we've got your back. Choose your travel style below, and tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let us know whether you're part of the Can't Wait Crew, Winter Wanderers or Planning Pioneers...

Can’t Wait Crew

Last-minute getaways

You’re that avid traveller who’s just itching to start exploring again. The passionate list-ticker who takes multiple trips every year, has an abundance of photos (perfect for some well-deserved gloating) and can’t make it through 9-5 life without some travel plans in the diary. Right now, you’ve got your eye on those green-list destinations that you can easily visit ASAP (preferably today) and you’ve already started earmarking dates in your calendar for the next adventure too.

When? Within the next 2-3 months
What? Green and amber-list countries
How? Book with confidence thanks to our Quarantine Protection! If your country turns red, or FCDO or border rules changes, we’ll give you the option to change or cancel for FREE. So, what are you waiting for?

Winter Wanderers

Year-end jaunts

Winter Wanderer is your name, and wait-and-see is your game. You’re keen to get back on the travel bandwagon but, after a year of uncertainty, you’re looking to later in 2021 – probably autumn/winter – for your holiday. Your next trip is long overdue, so you want it to be somewhere amazing that you can be confident in visiting. Chances are you’re seeking a bit of winter sun (hello Caribbean/Thailand!), but you might also fancy a cheeky European city break or a Nordic getaway, complete with husky mushing or those elusive Northern Lights.

When? Sept-Dec 2021
What? Mostly green and amber-list countries
How? Use our Quarantine Protection to book with ultimate peace of mind. If your country is red 4-6 weeks before your departure date, you’ll have the option to travel, change your destination or dates, or cancel for FREE.

Planning Pioneers

2022 trips

You’ve waited this long, so what’s a few more months? Besides, you love to plan waaaaaay in advance anyway, and you’ve already been contemplating that huge, once-in-a-lifetime trip for 2022. It’s that adventure you’ve been dreaming of throughout the whole pandemic. We’re talking those big-hitter destinations like USA, Canada, and maybe even the Land Down Under (if they’ll hurry up and let us in!). After all, there’s lost time to make up for and, you know what they say – go hard or go home. And we’re all pretty bored of being at home.

When? January 2022 onwards
What? Any colour
How? Our Quarantine Protection has you covered. Book whatever destination you want and, if it’s red 4-6 weeks before your departure date, you’ll have the option to travel, change destination or dates, or cancel for FREE. How’s that for tailor-made easy?

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