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The Land of the Free; the Land of Opportunity; the Land of Dreams. The USA has many a moniker to live up to, each one with its own promise of greatness that has long attracted travellers from over the pond. But those names have been given for a reason. Its landscapes, culture and food vary deliciously from city to city, from laid-back states like California and New England, to rich regions like the Deep South, providing plenty of scope for some of the most varied holiday itineraries on the planet.

Go leaf-peeping in the east, in Boston and while strolling through Central Park, or soak up the sun on the beaches of Los Angeles to the west. As for the Deep South – Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee – this is a spiritual place, drenched in history, bursting with slow-roasted cuisine, and alive with the soul of country and blues.

The choice of destinations is yours. If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not visit all three regions? Our Experts know all about combining the east, west and the south, crafting their best bits into tailor-made USA holidays based on your wants and budget. The only limit is your own wanderlust.

With so much to choose from, what will your adventure be? See our USA holidays for more inspiration.

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We've all dreamed of it; that iconic USA holiday. It comes in myriad forms from cross-country road trips in a convertible (top down of course) to big city breaks in the penthouse (how else do you do Vegas?) and into the wild-style escapes where it's just you and the great outdoors. It's a holiday that features all the hallmarks of the 50 states; the sunshine of California, the national parks of the mid-west, the famed hospitality of the south and the seaside beauty of the east coast. 

Dreaming of the USA is the easy part though. Deciding where to start and finish – well that's a little harder. From New York on the east coast all the way over to Los Angeles on the west coast (not forgetting Alaska and Hawaii too), no one knows the USA quite like our Experts. Not only have we been there and done that, but we've created the best holiday itineraries so you can do it too, only better. We work with locals on the ground to make sure we're showing you the real USA, and all of our holidays are tailor made so we can create the exact experience that you want. With your USA dreams and our USA know-how, there's never been a better way to holiday in the USA. 

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Highlights of a USA holiday with Flight Centre:

  • Fly over the Grand Canyon: Our Experts can organise for you to fly from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon by helicopter, where you'll land for lunch with incredible views.
  • Ride through wine regions: Take in the sights of the beautiful Napa Valley while enjoying a taste of the region's finest food and wine onboard the Napa Valley Wine Train.
  • Live like a cowboy: Swap the typical hotel for a stay on a real life range in Bandera, the self-proclaimed 'Cowboy Capital of the World.'
  • Experience life in the south: Follow our Deep South Highlights itinerary and add on a tour of the plantation homes of Louisana for a unique glimpse into life in the south, then and now.      
  • Enjoy a personal service from start to finish: Experience our Travel Butler concierge service which will be available to you from the moment you book, to the moment you arrive home from your holiday to California.