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Top Things To Do

Top Things to Do in the USA

Cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is thought of by many as the most photographed landmark in the world, and it is easy to see why. This enormous suspension bridge across the bay has become synonymous with San Francisco and, indeed, America. To grab the best photo on your American holiday perch yourself on the Marin headlands or Fort Point or, to get up close and personal cycle across the bridge to the laid back town of Sausalito.

Hike in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is absolutely indescribable. Only by visiting tunnel view and staring down the valley carved by glaciation and the Merced River or standing beneath the immense El Capitan granite rock face can you appreciate the lack of superlatives to describe it. This Park is a mecca for outdoor adventure lovers and you should absolutely treat yourself to the privilege of being awe struck by it on your USA holiday.

Get a bagel and walk through Central Park

Right in Manhattan’s bustling centre sits Central Park. Make sure you make the most of the opportunity to stroll through the parklands in this relatively peaceful park of the city and, of course, make sure you do it with one of New York’s greatest exports in hand.

Go to a ball game

Baseball isn’t called “America’s pastime” for nothing – going to a ‘ball game’ is a quintessential experience to have when on your American Holiday. ‘Ball Parks’ can be found in most large US cities so you have no excuse to miss out on the opportunity to grab yourself a hot dog and see what all the fuss is about. The most scenic ballparks are: AT&T Park in San Francisco – where the stadium looks out directly onto the bay, Yankee Park – home of the infamous Yankees … obviously, and Dodger Stadium – which looks out onto the rolling SoCal hills.

Road Trip down Route 66 or Highway 1

Nothing screams American holiday like a road trip, although you are spoilt for choice in the US it’s hard to ignore the two most renowned road trips: Route 66 and Highway 1. Route 66 will take you through the heart of the American West.  

Dance the delta blues

Head to the Music Meccas of Nashville and Memphis to dance to the array of iconic artists that have called this corner of the world home. Extend your American holiday to New Orleans to really keep the party moving.

Put a bet on in Las Vegas

Las Vegas screams pure indulgence. Sin city sits in Nevada’s Mojave desert and is famed for its nightlife and the world renowned 4 mile long strip. This is the place where truly everything goes which, of course, includes the casinos. Don’t leave Las Vegas without trying your luck.

Top Places to See

Top Places to See in the USA

Grand Canyon

2 billion years of shaping this immense landscape has carved out the largest canyon in the world. This epic natural monument serves up out-of-this-world views of multi-coloured exposed rock textured dramatically by the cuts made from the Colorado River. The best viewing can be had at sunrise and sunset.

Statue of Liberty

At 93 metres high the Statue of Liberty stands proud at the mouth of New York harbour, she will have been the first sight of many arriving by boat to the US and is a symbol of freedom to people around the world.

The white house, the mall and Capitol building

So often Washington DC feels like the epicentre of the world. See the White House, Capitol building and stroll along the Mall and make sure you don’t miss the city’s excellent museums.  

Santa Monica Pier

This, often photographed, landmark is the iconic end of Route 66 and what an excellent end-point it is. Jutting out into the Pacific Ocean from the glamorous Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica it makes the perfect place for a stroll to look out over the seeping beach with some delicious local eats.

Volcanoes in Hawaii

The archipelago of Hawaii is formed by fire and, as such, is filled with dramatic landscapes and lush vegetation. The islands are still erupting so you can see the youngest parts of Hawaii being formed as the lava flows straight into the sea.

The Hollywood walk of fame

Have a photograph next to your favourite stars, literally – find the Hollywood star of your icon amongst the hundreds on Hollywood boulevard.

Miami Beach

Connected by Bridges to Miami city, Miami beach this spit of sand is popular with models and celebrities, lounge on the beach opposite historic Art Deco buildings.

Yellowstone National Park

This gigantic national park in Wyoming is the oldest national park in America is home to some of America’s most iconic wildlife – wolves, bison, elk, antelope and bears as well as some fascinating scenery such as the Old Faithful Geyser.

When to Go

When to Go to the USA

If ever there were a destination that you could visit anytime of the year and still experience something amazing, the USA would be it. There’s so much to see and do, so many thrilling adventures to be had, and the chance to do them year-round means you can visit the same place in four different seasons and have a unique experience each time. Seasonal highlights in the USA include summer in California, autumn leaves in New England, spring cherry blossoms in Washington, DC and a white Christmas in New York.

More Information

More About the USA

Capital city: Washington DC

Currency: US Dollar

Language: English

Vaccinations: Extra vaccinations are not required.

Getting There

Flight time: London to New York flight time is just under eight hours. London to San Francisco flight time is 11 hours.

Visas: British citizens require an ESTA, which you can apply for online.

Top 3 Things to Do in the USA

  • Fly over the Grand Canyon in Arizona
  • Stay at a cowboy ranch in Texas
  • Wander around Central Park in New York

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