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Your 2022 Travel Horoscope

You know travel is on the horizon. You can feel it getting closer. But where to go? Well, why not let the stars guide you through 2022 and beyond? You can’t argue with your horoscope, so cross your fingers and read on to find out where you’re heading next…

Aries – Peru

Aries are known for their passion, energy and sense of adventure. If you’re an Aries, you probably consider yourself a bit of an explorer and we think that Machu Picchu is the place to be in 2022. One of the seven wonders of the world, this destination is sure to satisfy your adventurous spirit! Sound tempting? Ask your expert Travel Consultant about our small group Machu Picchu Adventure itinerary which is sure to take your breath away!

Taurus – South Africa

Taurus are known for being reliable and patient, not to mention incredibly persistent. If you’re a Taurus, you’re definitely not a quitter! So, what better trip could there be than one to South Africa, including a Safari? These traits are perfectly suited to daily game drives, watching and waiting (camera in hand) for the thrilling sight of nearby wildlife, and when that moment comes – it’s always worth the wait! Check out our tailor-made Garden Route & Safari itinerary, then call your Expert to get planning…

Gemini – Thailand

Geminis, or the twins, are always on the go and have a million different interests. If you’re a Gemini, we bet you like to keep busy, so what better destination for you than Thailand? Tick off cultural gems in bustling Bangkok, take on a cooking class in chilled-out Chiang Mai, or explore some of the island's beautiful jungles or beaches – there’s so much to do, you'll wish there was two of you! And, we reckon our tailor-made Bangkok, Jungle & Beach itinerary will tick all the boxes.

Cancer – Maldives 

Cancer’s symbol is the crab, so we’re thinking something a bit tropical for you! Cancers feel emotions strongly and like to feel protected by their surroundings. For this reason, you need somewhere super relaxing and serene – like the Maldives. It doesn’t get much more laid-back than that. Ready for your luxurious getaway? We thought so! Experience Heaven on Earth in the Maldives and feel all your stress melting away…

Leo – Round the World 

Leos, symbolised by the mighty lion, are born leaders. They radiate courage, confidence, and creativity, so we think they’re in need of something extra-special for their next adventure. A single destination wouldn't be enough for a Leo, so it’s time to start planning the round-the-world trip of your dreams! Chat with our specialist Complex Air team, to tailor-make it easy, benefiting from their wealth of knowledge and enjoying access to fares you won't find online…

Virgo – Japan 

Virgos are hardworking, ambitious, and detail-oriented. If you’re a Virgo, you probably enjoy planning out every last detail of your holiday to make the most of your time in-destination. That’s why we think Japan is the perfect spot for you. Capital city Tokyo is famously clean, and its reliable public transport system will make seeing the sights and sticking to your schedule a piece of cake! Better yet, your Expert can help sort all your tours, accommodation, and transport – just like in our Classic Golden Route itinerary.

Libra – India

Libras have a strong sense of justice and are all about balance, beauty, and romance. So what better destination for a Libra than where the ultimate monument to love can be found? India. As well as the spectacular Taj Mahal and its wonderfully diverse landscape and wildlife, on our Glimpses of Taj & Tiger itinerary, you’ll also discover an equally diverse culture, exposing you to a fascinating history and range of traditions. Combined together, there’s a sensory magic to an India holiday that you just won’t find elsewhere in the world. And then, of course, there's the food… 

Scorpio – USA 

Scorpios feel intensely, and are great secret keepers! If you’re a Scorpio, you probably like to keep to yourself and that’s why we think you’ll appreciate a trip to the wide-open spaces of the USA on an all-American road trip. Travelling by car or RV (for ultimate privacy), hit the open road and explore national parks and natural wonders aplenty. The perfect way to escape the everyday and recharge, check out our tailor-made Explore California's Great Outdoors itinerary to whet your travel appetite…

Sagittarius – New Zealand 

Sagittarius are independent explorers. They value freedom and often march to the beat of their own drum. If you’re a Sagittarius, we think you need to visit New Zealand. Impressive mountains perfect for hiking, serene lakes, and adventure activities like skydiving and white-water rafting – there’s plenty for you to see and explore, and all at your own pace! Your expert Travel Consultant can help you plan the perfect route, complete with all accommodation, tours, and transport, but why not ask them about hiring a campervan to see the Best of Both Islands and experience ultimate freedom…

Capricorn – Australia

Capricorns are fiercely determined and are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. This is why they need something BIG for 2022, and what’s bigger than the mighty island nation of Australia?! If you’re a first-time visitor, we recommend our Sydney, Rock & Reef itinerary, which takes you from the cosmopolitan city of Sydney to the stark desert surrounds of the Red Centre, and on to the kaleidoscopic wonders of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. But be warned: you’ll want to come back for more…

Aquarius – Costa Rica 

Aquarius are humanitarians, always looking for ways to improve the world around them, and for this reason, we think you’re destined for a Costa Rica Quest! Explore misty cloud forests and search for sloths and monkeys on this action-packed small-group tour with our friends at G Adventures, where you’ll also visit their supported Mi Cafecito Community Coffee Plantation. Learn about everything from harvesting, to husking, drying, and roasting the beans before enjoying the best part – a fresh cup!

Pisces – Eastern Canada 

Pisces are imaginative and artistic individuals, the ultimate dreamers! If you’re a Pisces, we think you’re headed to the spot where North American and European culture blend seamlessly… Quebec, Canada! With its Francophile architecture, and delicious cuisine, the UNESCO-listed Quebec City is packed with cultural gems, while Montreal offers some real joie de vivre too, thanks to its cobblestone alleyways and heritage buildings, including the impressive Notre-Dame Basilica. Be inspired by our Quebec Cities & Scenery itinerary then let your creative (travel planning) juices flow and your Expert will take care of the rest…

Written by Cat Salkeld

My parents met whilst travelling the world, so it was only natural that their globetrotting spirit was passed on to me! From camping under the stars in Peru to sampling wines in New Zealand, nothing makes me happier than immersing myself in an exciting new destination. Follow me @catherineamy2.

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