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The Chase is On: Follow Summer Around the Globe

Sad that summer is almost over? Or mourning the fact that we barely had one again? Well never fear: no matter what month or time of day it is in Old Blighty, somewhere in the world, summer is still going strong and we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to jet there for a slice of sunshiney bliss.

So regardless of whether you’re planning to go on holiday next week, next month, at Christmas, Easter or next summer, we’ve picked out the best places to visit while keeping that tan firmly topped up. Time to finally get some use out of those new flip flops…


Where? Jamaica
Temperature? 27ᵒC
Tell me more: Not only are temperatures comfortably warm, but January is one of the best times to find cheap hotel and flight deals in Jamaica. You’ll miss the worst of the high season tourists, but still benefit from the great weather and warm waters.

Where else can I go? Tanzania to witness the calving season; New Zealand for wild flower blooms in the southern Alps and sperm whales in Kaikoura.


Where? Miami
Temperature? 24ᵒC
Tell me more: February is festival time in Miami: make way for the mightiness of Mardi Gras. This larger than life Cuban-style city may be a long way from New Orleans, but they love festivities here – think parades, floats, vibrant costumes and revellers aplenty.

Where else can I go? Head to Mexico for the Monarch butterfly mating season, or to The Gambia for 10 hours of sunshine PER DAY, not to mention a plethora of wildlife.


Where? Sri Lanka
Temperature? 26-30ᵒC
Tell me more: Come March, you’ve missed the worst of the two monsoons and will experience the best weather in the hill country and along the coast. Speaking of the coast, this is prime time for spotting blue and sperm whales in the south too.

Where else can I go? It’s the dry season on the isle of Fernando de Noronha in Brazil and the perfect time to spot turtles laying their eggs. Dubai is hot (28ᵒC) too but not unbearably so.


Where? Hawaii
Temperature? 25-29ᵒC
Tell me more: April to June is classed as off-season, but the weather is still awesome. Lower prices, empty beaches and while it does get rainy on occasion, you’ll be grateful for the reprieve from the soaring temperatures. Hawaii’s biggest festival – the Merrie Monarch Festival – is also held on the Big Island in April.

Where else can I go? Try the Maldives, where high season is winding down and temps are still high (30ᵒC), or Georgia, USA, before it gets sticky.


Where? Western Canada
Temperature? 18-20ᵒC
Tell me more: The weather in British Columbia and Alberta may not be tropical in May, but this is the best time to pair a city break in Vancouver with an exploration of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Visit at the end of May and you’ll beat the worst of the Icefields Parkway crowds who visit June-August, while securing cheaper deals.

Where else can I go? The Okavango Delta sees huge numbers of animals migrating in during its dry season (May/October), making it the perfect spot for wildlife lovers.


Where? Queensland
Temperature? 25ᵒC+
Tell me more: It may be winter in Australia’s Sunshine State but it’s still a balmy 25ᵒC, which is positively boiling for us Brits. June is off-season too, so there won’t be as many crowds and you can benefit from better travel deals.

Where else can I go? June is the ideal time to head for Peru and take on the Inca Trail – you’ve got great weather and the winter solstice to look forward to, just don’t forget to book your permit!


Where? Kenya
Temperature? 27ᵒC
Tell me more: The Great Wildebeest Migration begins in the southern Masai Mara in July. It is an unmissable, once-in-a-lifetime travel highlight, not to mention one of nature’s greatest spectacles… so what are you waiting for?

Where else can I go? Australia’s Red Centre is nowhere near as unbearably hot in July as it is during the southern hemisphere’s summer (Dec-Jan). Expect day temperatures of a comfortable 20ᵒC instead.


Where? Bali
Temperature? 27-30ᵒC
Tell me more: Temperatures are lower in Bali in August but so is the rainfall. Top that off with less humidity and plenty of sunshine – even in the rugged interior regions like Ubud – and you’re onto a winner.

Where else can I go? Now is the dry season across Fiji’s 300 islands, while Alaska is experiencing the best of its very short summer.


Where? Garden Route, South Africa
Temperature? 20-25ᵒC
Tell me more: September signals springtime along South Africa’s Garden Route. It may not be as hot as the summer months (November to February), but you can still catch some rays while seeing the best spring blooms and whale spotting off the coast of Hermanus.

Where else can I go? Abu Dhabi, where the temperatures still sizzle at 36-40ᵒC but most of the crowds have dispersed.


Written by Alexandra Cronin (Gregg)

Once a roving local news reporter and now a travel-obsessed writer/sub, I'm head-over-heels for nature, wildlife and the ocean. When I'm not getting up close to animals and sea creatures, I'm seeking out the sets of my favourite TV shows around the world. 

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