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Flights to China

Flights to China

A country of immense size, diversity, history and confidence, China is a destination well deserving of your attention. A place where history and modern technology co-exist and peaceful countryside survives alongside the world's largest population.

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Flights from the UK to China usually involve disembarking in Shanghai, Beijing or Hong Kong, with regional departures points available. One of the most popular flights from the UK is London to Hong Kong, which takes over 11 hours direct. 

Airlines that fly from the UK to China include: 

Main International Airports in China: 

Useful Information

British passport holders will need to obtain a visa before entering mainland China, but not for travel to Hong Kong. For more information, please refer to

A holiday in China can take on many forms. From a lively stay in a buzzing city to a peaceful retreat in the countryside, China has it all. Many travellers begin their Chinese adventure in the country's capital, Beijing. This expansive city is also the most populous in the world. As such, Beijing has a huge range of accommodation to suit all budgets and travel styles. Public transport, while often crowded, is incredibly efficient. Beijing's history is also a drawcard for tourists. It is here you can see the ancient Forbidden City, the Palace Museum and the monumental Tiananmen Square. Beijing is also within close proximity to the Great Wall of China, the country's most famous landmark.


Less populous but larger in size, Shanghai is China's other famous metropolis. The most developed city on mainland China, Shanghai is home to a dazzling skyline, diverse range of architecture and a fast-paced lifestyle. World-class restaurants, luxury boutiques and electronic superstores keep locals busy, but there are also places of peace amongst the chaos. Retreat to a tea house and take part in an ancient tradition or wander Shanghai's most famous garden, the Yuyuan.


Away from Mainland China, Hong Kong stands tall as one of Asia's most popular tourist and business cities - it's airport equally as bustling as it's spectacular port. While it may be major stopover hub in Asia, Hong Kong is well worth exploring beyond the airport. It's streets are full of energy, it's highrises boast some of the best restaurants and bars with a view, while it's food, especially if you're a seafood fan, will leave you weak at the knees.

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