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The largest of the UAE's seven emirates, and the federation's capital, is Abu Dhabi but its flashy neighbour Dubai often takes centre stage. The lesser-known emirates all have their own merits, even if the world doesn't know about them yet.

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As a major flighs hub, flights from the UK to the United Arab Emirates are usually direct and take around 7.5 hours. The two main arrival points within the United Arab Emirates are Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Airlines that fly from the UK to America include: 


The United Arab Emirates marry rags and riches, depending upon where you look. While you're adventuring (with the exception of water sports) it's always advisable to wear modest clothing.

United Arab Emirates: DubaiDubai Skyline

Here's a very brief overview of the major emirates:

  • Abu Dhabi – a liveable city that maintains its local Emirati flavour, it's a green haven amid vast desert dunes; its small fishing village origins of 50 years ago are barely reconisable.
  • Dubai – otherworldly architecture, shopping, beaches and nightlife are the headliners here and cater to a multinational population. This is the region's major transit hub and even just stepping outside the airport into a serious wave of heat is enough to reorient the senses pretty quickly.
  • Sharjah – a conservative region where museums, galleries and theatres are the highlights, alongside city souq bargain hunting.
  • Ras al Khaymah – this is the UAE's northernmost emirate with attractive, development-free beaches and alluring views to the Hajar Mountains from the dusty main town.

United Arab Emirates: MosqueSheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

November to March is the most temperate time to visit. If you want to know more about making the most of your holiday here, see our travel guide or book a flight to the Arab Emirates and lock in your next trip.