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Multi-city Flights

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Multi-city Flights

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Call Us - Free

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Looking to experience more on your next trip abroad? Our multi-stop Travel Consultants can help you make the most of your holiday with a multi-stop flight – and it’s cheaper than you might think. From seeing beyond the airport in the world’s major stopover destinations, to stopping over in cities you might not have thought of before, our multi-stop flights team will help you find the most cost effective, interesting and innovative ways to reach your destination.


What is a multi-city or a multi-stop flight?

A multi-stop flight is an airfare that includes two or more stops. This can mean stopping over in a destination on the way to another, or visiting multiple destinations in one trip, covering both international and domestic flights. Whether you want to stop and shop in Dubai on the way to Australia, fit in some beach time in Mauritius en route to South Africa, or visit a few destinations in the USA, our experienced multi-stop Airfare Experts are on hand to offer advice and make suggestions to tailor the perfect flight itinerary to you and your budget.

Are there any rules when booking a multi-city flight?

There are no rules when it comes to booking a multi-stop flight. Some destinations are more convenient and cheaper to stopover in than others, but our dedicated multi-stop specialists can book any combination of multi-stop flights.

The most popular destinations with amazing stopovers you shouldn't miss are:

What are some of the most common places to stopover?

The most common places to stopover typically take place in the world’s main airline hubs. These include:

  • Dubai when flying with Emirates
  • Abu Dhabi when flying with Etihad Airways
  • Singapore when flying with Singapore Airlines
  • Hong Kong when flying with Cathay Pacific
What are some lesser-known stopover ideas?
  • Iceland when flying to New York
  • Los Angeles and the South Pacific when flying to New Zealand
  • Miami when flying to the Caribbean
  • Cambodia when flying to Australia

For more stopover ideas, call our dedicated multi-stop flights team today or see our blog on 6 Stopovers You Probably Haven’t Thought Of.

Can I book open-jaw flights?

Of course! Our Complex Air specialists can book any type of flight, including open jaw. This is where you fly into one destination and out of another – often used if you plan to travel overland within one country, or even multiple countries. For example, you might fly into Chicago to drive Route 66, then fly back to London from Los Angeles after you’ve completed your road trip.

How do I book flights with multiple destinations?

The best way to book your multi-city trip is to chat with one of our experts. Share your travel plans or ideas, and they’ll find the best routes to suit your itinerary and your budget. Live Chat with us now to find out more, or check out our contact us page.

Are multi-stop flights cheaper?

Generally speaking, booking a multi-stop ticket is much more cost-effective than booking individual or one-way flights. Some airlines don’t even change for stopovers! Booking your multi-stop flights with a person rather than a computer helps too, as often little tweaks in your itinerary or a slight route change can save you hundreds of pounds – insights that the internet just doesn’t have!

How do I book a flight with a stopover?

Our Complex Travel Consultants are extremely knowledgeable and have access to specialist booking systems. As such, they can completely tailor-make trips to include stopovers – something that is near impossible to do online currently.

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