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Flights to Northern Territory

Northern Territory

There is perhaps no other state as typically Australian as the Northern Territory. This rugged land is home to numerous national icons including Uluṟu / Ayers Rock, Kakadu, Arnhem Land, Alice Springs and Litchfield.

Commonly known as outback Australia, the Northern Territory boasts some of Australia's must-see attractions. Be in awe of the incredible Uluṟu / Ayers Rock, marvel at Kata Tjuṯa and appreciate Kings Canyon. Alternatively, head to Kakadu and admire ancient gorges and spectacular waterfalls.

The capital, Darwin, is a tropical city. It has a rich history, youthful population, cuisine reflective of international influences and a balmy outdoor lifestyle. Take a sunset harbour cruise, ride a jet boat, throw in a fishing line or relax at the outdoor cinema.

You might be more interested in the natural wonder there though. NT teems with wildlife – it's home to 400 bird species, 150 types of mammals, 300 reptiles and 50 types of frog – all set in a spectacular landscape. There are 2 World Heritage-listed national parks here too: Kakadu and Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa, in addition to a further 22 national parks and 73 nature reserves.

This is also the perfect place to start to get an understanding of Indigenous culture – one of the oldest living groups, Australian Aboriginals have been here for more than 40,000 years. Their culture is rich in tradition, story-telling, art, kinship and preservation.