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Qantas Premium Economy Flights

Qantas Premium

Treat yourself to something special… you’ve earned it! When you fly Premium Economy with Qantas you'll gain more than just a little extra wiggle room in your seat; board with priority and sit in a cabin intimately closed off. Indulge in high-end cuisine and beverages of your own choosing.

Qantas has your back - your premium seat will have an adjustable headrest, extra legroom, a footrest and extra elbow room. Every detail is designed to provide maximum comfort on your long-haul flight, all the way down to the specially designed pillow.

All Premium Economy passengers will have an elite experience with expert, accommodating flight attendants. You have the option of utilising 'Menu Select' to pre-order your desired meal, or wait until you are onboard and select your dishes in person. And, if that isn’t enough, on the B787-9, A380 and the B747 aircrafts, there's even an unlimited self-service snacks and drinks bar.

We Recommend

  • Take advantage of the complimentary socks, eye mask and dental kit provided to you by Country Road on select flights
  • Get immersed in your in-flight music and movies with complimentary noise-cancelling headphones
  • Explore the hundreds of entertainment options, all in the palm of your hand on the B787-9, B747 and A380 aircrafts
  • Keep your devices fully-juiced with the USB ports offered on select flights
  • Check-in in a dedicated area and board with priority passengers to speed up your entire travel process
  • Settle into your seat as soon as you’ve found it with a free sparkling wine or beverage 


Qantas has the largest network of lounges for any Australian airline, and you can gain unlimited access to all of them! All you need to do is become a Qantas Club Member. The lounges serve as a fabulous place to relax before your flight to Australia, look no further than London Heathrow for our slice of lounge-luxury in the UK.

Qantas Club lounges will kick-start your trip the right way with a check-in area dedicated to you, priority baggage, exclusive Wi-Fi access and, most importantly, complimentary food and beverages. When using a Qantas International Business Lounge, you can add secluded work stations and high-end shower facilities as well!

Make sure your onward flight is either a Qantas or Jetstar flight number and, with your Qantas Club card and boarding pass in hand, come join the fun!

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