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Introducing the New Big Five

Introducing the New Big 5

Originally a term coined by hunters, the 'Big Five' once referred to the most challenging species to hunt on foot. However, after British Photographer Graeme Green started the initiative, wildlife lovers, conservationists and photographers worldwide came together to raise awareness of myriad threats to wildlife – including a public vote for a new Big Five, which would serve as ambassadors for other vulnerable species.

Read on to find out how you can see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat and learn more about conservation as part of your next adventure! Then, give our expert Travel Consultants a call on 0208 127 4273 to book with confidence and give yourself a trip of a lifetime to look forward to...

Polar bear

Home to around two thirds of the world's polar bear population, Canada is committed to the conservation of this incredible species. So, we reckon our Arctic Adventure itinerary is the trip for you if bears are top of your bucket list! Although you can see them year-round, Oct - Nov is the best time to spot them in larger numbers, as they cross the tundra to the recently frozen Hudson Bay to start hunting. During a stay at the eco-friendly Lazy Bear Lodge in Churchill, expert guides will help you safely navigate the Arctic wonderland and, if you're lucky, you might even spot the Northern Lights while you're there!


These gentle giants are often one of the first creatures that come to mind when you think of wildlife holidays, but knowing where/how to interact with them responsibly can be a challenge. We recommend our Bangkok, Beach & Elephants itinerary which includes a stay at the award-winning Elephant Hills Jungle Lake Safari in Thailand's Khao Sok, where you have the opportunity to enjoy an interactive and respectful experience with rescued Asian elephants. Riding the animals is not permitted, however guests can help bath and feed them, or simply watch them play in their natural environment!


Head deep into the forests of rugged Ranthmabore National Park on our Glimpses of Taj & Tiger Journey to seek out the most regal of the big cats, the Bengal tiger. Once the hunting ground of the Maharaja of Jaipur, it now provides sanctuary for a growing population of tigers and a host of other wildlife, making it the best place to see tigers in Rajasthan! Combined with the chaos of Delhi, the sublime beauty of the Taj Mahal and the colours of Jaipur, this classic journey covers some of India’s most iconic drawcards.


Of course, the King of the Jungle had to make the list! Their impressive appearance and charismatic nature making them any wildlife photographer's dream. On the varied Cape Town, Wine & Safari itinerary, explore the wonders of Cape Town and sip fine wines before ending your trip with a stay at 5-star Sanbona Wildlife Reserve – home to the only free, self-sustaining white lions in the world. Here you'll learn all about their conservation and eco-tourism efforts, and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime game viewing opportunities on safari!


Gorilla trekking is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, and our friends at G Adventures offer an authentic and sustainable approach to small-group travel that's perfect for this type of adventure. Working with the likes of National Geographic and Jane Goodall, they provide completely unique experiences that offer an in-depth understanding of the world's environments and wildlife – from guided treks in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Uganda) to Mountain Gorilla Conservation Experiences in Rwanda!

Written by Cat Salkeld

My parents met whilst travelling the world, so it was only natural that their globetrotting spirit was passed on to me! From camping under the stars in Peru to sampling wines in New Zealand, nothing makes me happier than immersing myself in an exciting new destination. Follow me @catherineamy2.

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