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Flights to Kenya

Flights to Kenya

Arguably the safari capital of Africa, incredible nature reserves await visitors wishing to experience Africa's wildlife in their natural environment. While the safari suit is optional, a sense of adventure is obligatory.

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Airlines that fly from the UK to Kenya include: 

Kenya International Airports: 

Kenya's main international airport is Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) in Nairobi. Named after Kenya's first prime minister and president, Jomo Kenyatta International is the largest airport in East and Central Africa. 


It was actually Germany who first laid claim to Kenya but control was swiftly handed across to Britain in 1890. In 1963 the country then gained independence. Interestingly, Queen Elizabeth was holidaying in Kenya when her father, King George VI died in 1952. Today Kenya has one of the strongest economies in Africa with agriculture a major economic driver.


The first port of call for most visitors keen to explore Kenya is the country's capital, Nairobi. Perhaps unlike many other African cities, Nairobi is surrounded by a stunning national park. The Nairobi National Park provides the perfect place to spot cheetahs, rhinos, lions and wildebeest in their natural habitat. While you're in the park, take a moment to appreciate the scenery also – the towering cliffs overlooking the plains are particularly impressive.


If you're lucky enough to plan your Kenyan trip at the right time of year, the annual migration of wildebeest from the Maasai Mara National Reserve on the border of Tanzania to the Serengeti National Park is an incredible sight. Consider taking a balloon ride to appreciate the herd of animals from the air. The country is also blessed with access to the coast so head to Mombasa to chill on the beach.

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