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Food around the World: What to Eat Where
**WARNING: THIS BLOG POST HAS BEEN KNOWN TO CAUSE SEVERE HUNGER** When you go on holiday, chances are you’ll have heard all about your destination’s best... Read More »
Around the World In Coffee: the Bucket List
I love lists: Shopping lists, to do lists, gift lists (for other people, not me); I would be lost without them all. Some lists are more serious than others but... Read More »
A Foodie’s Guide To Everything Worth Eating In Hoi An, Vietnam
If you’ve ever visited Vietnam, you’ll know it’s home to some of the best food in the world. The infamous Banh Mi, Pho, and rice paper rolls are just the tip of... Read More »
The Travel Secrets of Vietnam
Think you know Vietnam? Think again. Angela Griffin uncovers the country’s most worthwhile attractions you’ve never heard... Read More »
Solo Travel: A Group Adventure in Vietnam and Cambodia
Ali Cairns heads to Southeast Asia for a much-needed break from reality... I have always loved travelling. But since backpacking in my twenties, I’ve been pretty... Read More »
Why Now is the Time to Visit Phu Quoc, Vietnam
Vietnam’s largest island is one of Southeast Asia’s best-kept secrets. The biodiverse destination is a world away from the stereotypes of the mainland, and with... Read More »
10 Best Places to Escape the Winter Blues
We all know that winter in the UK can be a bit of a depressing time of year. The fanfare of the festive season is over, the weather is miserable and the dread of another... Read More »
Insider Secrets: Life as a Tour Guide in Vietnam
It’s not every day that you get to attend a Vietnamese cooking class, hitch a ride on a sea plane above Ha Long Bay and take a luxury cruise down the Mekong Delta.... Read More »
An Insider's Guide to Vietnam
Local knowledge is the key to unlocking the secrets of a place. That’s why we’ve partnered with Buffalo Tours for our Asia Journeys. Meet Tuong, your Vietnamese... Read More »
Why You Should Have Clothes Made in Vietnam
From the 15th to 19th century, Hoi An in Vietnam was a Southeast Asian shipping post. Its well-preserved international heritage is one of the big draws, with Chinese... Read More »
Bia Hoi: A Guide to Vietnam's Beer Scene
When it comes to beer and travelling, Vietnam is the perfect pub crawl destination. With a glass costing just 30p and each establishment flaunting its own distinct... Read More »
A City Guide to Hanoi
Before you leap into your Vietnamese odyssey, spend time in colourful Hanoi, a 24-hour city with a historic heart...Rise and shineDespite the lively hustle, Hanoi has a... Read More »
Instatraveller: the Russian Headstand Man
Anton Charushin's pictures certainly turn heads when compared to the usual travel portraits. 'Head' being the operative word. In each of his successful Instagram... Read More »
5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Travelling Southeast Asia
"If there’s one place you have to go, it’s Southeast Asia." That’s what my friend told me, and never being one to turn down friendly advice, I packed my bags and... Read More »
The Best Value Holiday Destinations to Book Now
There may be a cloud hanging over Europe at the moment (physically and metaphorically speaking) but the rest of the world is still offering some fantastic holiday... Read More »
What I Learnt While Travelling the World
In June 2015, my sister Suzannah and I (Clara) packed up our London flat, said farewell to our family, friends and jobs and headed off on our round the world trip – in... Read More »
Sailing Vietnam’s Halong Bay
The sweat trickled down my back as my heart beat faster. I could feel a dozen pairs of eyes boring into me, watching me; waiting. ‘It’s not even that high up,’ I... Read More »
Where to Go in Vietnam: North vs South
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre AU Many who visit Vietnam say it’s one of the most colourful countries in all of Southeast Asia. They might argue... Read More »
From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City: A Journey in Vietnam
Vietnam has an epic beauty that operates in two gears. There’s the full-tilt buzz of daily life that beats at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Then there’s... Read More »
Film Photography vs Digital: Vietnam in 11 Incredible Pictures
Vietnam is a heady hodgepodge of old and new. From its ancient temples in Da Nang to the modern shopping centres of Ho Chi Minh City, you can find a... Read More »
Cycling Around Southeast Asia
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogSoutheast Asia has long been a favourite travel destination. For many years a rising number of travellers... Read More »
9 of the Most Luxurious Hotels in the World
Dreaming of the perfect getaway? You've come to the right place. At First and Business, we have scoured the world to recommend the very best luxury hotel properties... Read More »
Insider Secrets: Road Rules in Vietnam
Just last year, a census in Vietnam revealed that this tiny coastal country is home to an estimated 37 million motorbikes. That’s about 15 million more motorbikes than... Read More »
Animal Cafés: The World’s Newest Trend
Have you ever wished you could enjoy your tea with a cat by your side? Or nibble on some pastries while an owl perches nearby? Well you're in luck because the latest... Read More »
Our 5 favourites in Asia
The 3-day Asia sale has begun! Book by 16 May and SAVE up to 50% on flights, holidays, adventure tours and hotels.Exotic, mysterious, charming, beautiful, chaotic or... Read More »
A pensive excursion in Ho Chi Minh
Teresa Curran recently returned from an eight-day Essence of Vietnam tour with Peregrine Adventures that she won in a competition we ran last year. This post describes... Read More »
Spring rolls and cycling in Hoi An
Teresa Curran recently returned from an eight-day Essence of Vietnam tour with Peregrine Adventures that she won in a competition we ran last year. Here she... Read More »
4 minutes in Asia
Earlier this year, adventure addicts Barry and Laura quit their jobs and booked a round the world trip. With no firm end point in mind, they set off for South East Asia,... Read More »
The world's most photogenic places
Earlier this week we launched a fun competition to discover the World’s Worst Travel Photographer. We must admit, we knew there’d be some bad entries, but you are... Read More »
Interview with a Mobile Lawyer on the Ultimate Train Challenge
Michael Hodson, known online as the Mobile Lawyer, decided to leave his job as an attorney in 2008 to circumnavigate the globe without ever getting on an airplane. For... Read More »