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Top 10 Places To Visit In Peru


Peru is unquestionably one of the most ecologically diverse countries I’ve been lucky enough to explore. With its changeable climate, varying altitudes and range of ecosystems, you can be trekking up mountain ranges one minute and delving through the rainforest the next! Well, not quite, but I’m sure you catch my drift. Peru has so much to offer in addition to the renowned Machu Picchu so I’ve written this post to ensure you don’t miss out on your trip! So, here are my Top 10 Places To Visit In Peru.

Machu Piccu - Image: Jessica French

Machu Piccu

Image: Jessica French

Explore Peru’s Capital, Lima

Lima truly has something to cover every interest which is why it’s firmly at the top of my ‘Top 10 Places To Visit In Peru’ list. For foodies, the capital is definitely the place to sample the culinary delights of Peru, from the Michelin star gastronomic experiences to the tasty, grab-and-go street food vendors. For those who crave adventure, Lima is a hub for adrenaline-fuelled sports; catch a wave on a surfboard, try your hand at windsurfing or soar over the city on a paraglider. If culture and history are your cups of tea, take a walking tour through the streets of the old town, explore the spooky catacombs of San Francisco Basilica and hit the plethora of museums on offer to learn about Peruvian history. A personal favourite for me and unlike anything I’d ever seen before was the fountain and light exhibition at Parque de la Reserva. This is a great, unique experience to be had in Lima which should not be missed.

Lima lights exhibition - Image: Jessica French

Lima lights exhibition

Image: Jessica French

Visit The Poor Man’s Galapagos, Paracas

The sleepy coastal town of Paracas is the gateway to the Ballestas Islands, a haven for wildlife and a must-see for any wildlife enthusiast. This inexpensive boat trip out to the protected islands will not disappoint, with the opportunity to see hundreds of species of wildlife including the playful South American Sealion and the busy little Humbolt Penguin. It’s an unmissable opportunity to see Peru’s wildlife up close.

Sea lion - Image: Jessica French

Sea lion

Image: Jessica French

Paracas National Reserve

Drive or cycle through this stunning backdrop where the golden desert sands meet the azure Pacific Ocean. Take your time and soak in the spectacular views which have certainly stayed etched in my memory long after returning to the UK!

Paracas National Park - Image: Jessica French

Paracas National Park

Image: Jessica French

Stay In A Desert Oasis, Huacachina

This was definitely a highlight of my trip and is unquestionably high on my ‘Top 10 Places To Visit In Peru’ – I’ve never been anywhere like it! Trek to the top of the dunes to watch the sunset, sleep in tents surrounded by the desert and experience the exhilaration of sandboarding. Your experiences here will be unforgettable and definitely worth the baby Sahara worth of sand which will remain with you throughout the rest of your trip!

Huacachina - Image: Jessica French


Image: Jessica French

Get A Bird’s Eye View Of The Nazca Lines

These bizarre symbols etched into the baking earth of the desert by ancient civilizations are certainly a sight to behold and still remain somewhat of a mystery to this day. Make the hair-raising climb to the top of the viewing tower to marvel at their vastness or splash out to view them by plane to add an extra element of exhilaration.

Nazca Lines - Image: Jessica French

Nazca Lines

Image: Jessica French

Explore Peru’s Prettiest City, Arequipa

With its intricate architecture and a blissful backdrop of the snowcapped Andean mountains, Arequipa is truly one of the most beautiful cities I have come across, and what’s more, there’s plenty to occupy curious tourists like ourselves. Check out the Alpaca museum, meet Juanita the frozen sacrifice and explore the Santa Catalina Monastery - on certain evenings there are twilight tours, though be warned it has less of a whimsical and more of a ‘most haunted’ feel, especially when a young man mistakes you for his girlfriend and jumps out to scare you!

Arequipa - Image: Jessica French


Image: Jessica French

See The Condors At Colca Canyon

Yet another unmissable feature on my ‘Top 10 Places To Visit In Peru’ list, Colca is the second largest Canyon in the world and is one of the best places in Peru to see the legendary Andean Condor soaring overhead. If you’re a hiking enthusiast you can spend a few unforgettable days trekking the canyon, but if not, day tours are a fantastic way to experience one of Peru’s most underappreciated gems!

Colca Canyon - Image: Jessica French

Colca Canyon

Image: Jessica French

Visit The Floating Islands On Lake Titicaca

Meet the people who live on man-made islands fashioned entirely from reeds and experience what their life is like and how they stay afloat! This is truly a unique experience to be had on your Peruvian trip!

Floating Islands On Lake Titicaca - Image: Jessica French

Floating Islands On Lake Titicaca

Image: Jessica French

See The Colours Of Rainbow Mountain

Close to Cusco is a spectacle unique to Peru which is so bizarre and amazing, you really can’t leave Peru without seeing it for yourself! Rainbow Mountain is a naturally occurring face of rock which has formed over thousands of years into twists of colour. It’s a tough climb but worth the views which await you, trust me!

Rainbow Mountain - Image: Jessica French

Rainbow Mountain

Image: Jessica French

Visit Machu Picchu

Last but certainly not least, how could anyone leave out the Incan site with so much hype it needs no introduction? When you see this architectural masterpiece for yourself there will be no question why it’s considered one of the wonders of the world. Though like a wise person once said, it’s the journey, not the destination that counts the most and I’d say this is definitely true for Machu Picchu. The Inca trail for me was the highlight of my Machu experience, even though my legs burned for days after, so I would definitely recommend any traveller that is able to, to attempt a trek, trust me you won’t regret it!

So there you have my ‘Top 10 Places To Visit In Peru.’ Now all that’s left to do is let the team at Flight Centre help you plan an unforgettable holiday to the diverse and wonderful country of Peru!

Written by Jessica French

Vet by day (and often by night), searching for a cure for wanderlust - I'm confident it must be in one of the many countries I am yet to explore!  When not caring for ‘All creatures great and small’ in the UK, adventuring, eating and getting up close and personal with the world’s grunters, squeakers, roarers and squawkers are my passions in life. Like any good vet should, I make excellent "clinical notes" on my adventures at

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