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8 Things You’ve Got to Do in Sri Lanka
Flung into the Indian Ocean off the south-east coast of India, Sri Lanka is a truly fascinating place. After all, there aren’t many island nations that pack in... Read More »
Sri Lanka
A Guide to Exploring Sri Lanka
It is no wonder that Sri Lanka is nicknamed the pearl of the Indian Ocean: it is a land of natural beauty where mountain jungles, beautiful beaches and cultural... Read More »
Sri Lanka
7 Reasons You and Your Children will Love Sri Lanka
Now is the perfect time to visit Sri Lanka. It is undiscovered enough that you will find empty beaches, authentic cuisine and low prices, yet tourist-driven enough that... Read More »
An Expert’s Guide to Sri Lanka
“Three elements come together to make Sri Lanka particularly wonderful: friendly people, the glorious green landscape and how easy it is to experience everything”Tom... Read More »
How to Holiday in Sri Lanka
With its sights and sounds, scents and flavours, Sri Lanka will awaken your mind, body and soul, writes Joanna... Read More »
Sri Lanka: The Island that Has it All
Some countries leave their mark immediately. Sri Lanka was most definitely one of those – there was no way I could stop the kind, attentive nature of the locals and... Read More »
Where to Go in 2017
It’s that time of year again. You commute to work, it’s dark. You commute home from work, it’s still dark. Your skin feels pale and lifeless, your hot water bottle... Read More »
The Must-Try Meals of Sri Lanka
As a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka boasts a rich culinary tradition with an array of exotic tropical fruits, fresh seafood and... Read More »
Insider Secrets: Sri Lanka's Most Spiritual Spots
From ornate forest temples to vertiginous cliff-top palaces, spiritualism in Sri Lanka comes with a big dose of wow-factor – starting with these divine spots.1.... Read More »
Explore Sri Lanka: Pearl of the Indian Ocean
One of the most beautiful countries on earth, Sri Lanka lies like a teardrop-shaped gem off the southern tip of India, writes Donna Hardie. This vibrant jewel in the... Read More »
4 Adventures to Add to Your Bucket List
For some travellers, a simple walk around a city, or a day sun bathing at the beach simply will not do. The adventurer in us doesn't just want to explore a place or... Read More »