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7 Reasons to Visit Singapore in 2022
With the UK vaccine rollout well under way, we’re starting to get excited for the future of holidays. And very top of our list is Singapore. A mix of nature, city and... Read More »
5 Places to Explore with Your Family in Singapore
The Lion City is one of the most family-friendly destinations in Asia, with hundreds of activities, sights and adventures to keep mums, dads and little ones alike... Read More »
10 Things to Do When it Rains in Singapore
With an annual precipitation of around 2,340mm, the chances of getting caught in a shower are high in Singapore. In fact, rain falls almost one day in every two... Read More »
5 Family-Friendly Places to Spend Christmas
Christmas is a time we usually associate with staying at home. (How else will we catch the Gavin & Stacey Special?) But what if one year you wanted to shake things... Read More »
Top 10 Pools Worth Drooling Over
Looking for the perfect poolside retreat? We’ve searched far and wide for the most unique pools that you’ll definitely want to dive into on your next holiday.... Read More »
Singapore Fling
Joshua Cheung, stylist and former fashion director at luxury mag L’Officiel Singapore, opens up his little black book of boutiques and style... Read More »
8 Must-Do Singapore Attractions for Every Traveller
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blog Boasting plenty of high-quality restaurants, trendy new nightclubs and a stunning water-lined... Read More »
5 Reasons Why You Should Stopover in Singapore
Small but perfectly formed, Singapore is the ultimate melting pot, blending cuisines, architecture and art in astonishing style. Stay for a day or longer. You won’t... Read More »
7 Cities with the Best Street Eats
Glimpsing an eye-popping vista or fulfilling a thrilling experience is usually how we remember the best of our travels. But it's often an everyday ritual that can... Read More »
Singapore Sling: A Stopover Guide to Singapore
Vibrant street life, stunning green spaces, spectacular architecture. And don’t even get us started on the food... With surprises at every turn, a stopover in... Read More »
5 Things I Ate in Singapore
Singapore’s food is a fusion of ancient recipes, traditional flavours and modern styles. The multi-cultural, diverse population also brings a unique combination of... Read More »
Shopping in Singapore
We all know that the multicultural city of Singapore is one of the best places in the world to shop. The city is home to sprawling shopping malls as well as traditional... Read More »
Top 10 Favourite Street Foods Around the World
When it comes to travelling the world and trying the best market cuisine, Melissa Hie from @GirlEatWorld has you covered. We've asked this foodie to let us in on her... Read More »
5 of the Best Afternoon Teas Worldwide
Just because you’re travelling, doesn’t mean you can’t partake in some thoroughly British traditions as you traverse the globe. And it doesn’t get more British... Read More »
The Flying… Koala? Qantas Upgrades Four Koalas to Business Class
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre AUFour koalas have gone where many of us have yet to venture. A bunch of these furry marsupials received the VIP... Read More »
Singapore Launches First Drone Restaurant
The popular restaurant chain Timebre, in Singapore, has employed a number of flying drones to deliver food and drinks to its... Read More »
Cereal Cafes are Popping Up All Over the World
Japan has always had them, America was quick to follow suit, then Singapore, London and now Melbourne. Much to everyone’s amusement/excitement/amazement cereal cafes... Read More »
Video of the week: HD Timelapse South East Asia
In the past we have featured some of our favourite timelapse videos we have stumbled across on Vimeo on this blog, including 24 Hours of Neon by Philip Bloom.... Read More »
A Singapore Fling!
Singapore is not only a gateway to the beaches and jungles of South East Asia but a destination to be seen for itself. An immaculate city with welcoming people, you can... Read More »
The Most Impressive Rooftop Bars in Asia
 This week we are swapping International Eats for an International drinks theme and where better to enjoy a tipple than in a rooftop bar overlooking your... Read More »
First time in Australia
Flight Centre consultant Miles Buckeridge wittily shares with us his first experience of Australia and explains why he can't wait to go back!You know when you look at... Read More »