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8 Dishes You Can Only Eat in Bali
Bali isn’t known as the ‘Island of the Gods’ just for the scenery, but because this is an island where the Gods could never go hungry. The island is one of the... Read More »
Relaxed Luxury Awaits at the Cross Bali Breakers
Relaxing at one of the poolside tables of Point Break restaurant, Flight Centre's Phil Murray caught up with with Komang Artana, Cross Bali Breakers General... Read More »
10 Best Beaches in Bali
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blog Bali's world-famous beaches lure thousands of visitors to the country’s fabulously sun-kissed shores... Read More »
5 Places to See Orangutans in the Wild
Orangutans may be the largest tree-dwelling primates on the planet, but it’s not their size alone that makes them impressive. It’s a combination of this and their... Read More »
8 Amazing Travel Experiences You Have To Do Before You Die
We’ve all got our travel lists. From lists of “must-do-museums” in Europe to lists of “absolute-eats” around North America, but sometimes life calls for a mega... Read More »
Top 10 Pools Worth Drooling Over
Looking for the perfect poolside retreat? We’ve searched far and wide for the most unique pools that you’ll definitely want to dive into on your next holiday.... Read More »
Spiritual Awakening in Bali
Isabel Dexter takes a solo trip to Bali to teach yoga and awaken her sense of adventure...For a long time, I was one of those people who talked a lot... Read More »
Flight Centre’s Top 10 Blog Posts 2018
Yup, it’s that time of year again. Time to look back at our favourite blog posts of the year to see what has got you travel-obsessed lot clicking in 2018. Here are our... Read More »
A Foodie’s Guide to Travelling Indonesia
Indonesia is a vast archipelago of many thousands of islands, each with its own unique culture, language, history and cuisine. With such diversity to be found across the... Read More »
10 Best Places to Escape the Winter Blues
We all know that winter in the UK can be a bit of a depressing time of year. The fanfare of the festive season is over, the weather is miserable and the dread of another... Read More »
Bali: The Road Less Travelled
The road to Bali is well travelled, but a Journey to Indonesia reveals there’s so much more to the region than blissful beaches and luxury hotels, says Tess... Read More »
Bali’s Secret Spots
Bali is an island that has it all. White sand beaches, vibrant nightlife, a year round tropical climate, and a local culture that’s different from anywhere else in... Read More »
What it’s Like to Fly Business Class with Garuda Indonesia
Anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact that I’m not the best at flying. I’m always one of the first to arrive for a flight, anxious to drop my bag off and get... Read More »
The Best Hotels in Bali
Bali has been top of my travel wish-list for as long as I can remember – those rolling emerald hills, the white-sand beaches, the spectacular surfing; not to mention... Read More »
What it’s Like to Trek Through Bali’s Rice Paddy Fields
On my recent trip to Indonesia, I had three things I desperately wanted to tick off my travel wish list – spotting the Komodo dragons, tasting the delicious cuisine... Read More »
An Interview with the Chef de Cuisine at Alila Seminyak, Bali
Imagine cooking and eating for a living – especially at one of the most amazing resorts in Bali. Allow us to introduce Vivian Vitalis, the extremely talented Chef de... Read More »
Why You Should Take a Cooking Class in Bali
I love food. I mean, I really love it. Anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact that I’m at my happiest when tucking into a delicious plate of lobster ravioli, a... Read More »
Sailing Komodo Island in Indonesia
I’ll be honest – I didn’t know much about Komodo Island before I was told I’d be visiting it on a work trip to Indonesia. And while I was excited to see the... Read More »
The Best Hotel Spas on the Planet
Everyone deserves to be spoilt, to be pampered and to indulge in a bit of ‘me time’. Well what if you could enjoy all of that whilst staying in some of the most... Read More »
5 Things to Do in Bali That Aren't Surfing
Indonesia’s most famous island might be a mecca for the surfing community, but there’s far more to Bali than its predictable swells and picture-perfect beaches. Here... Read More »
5 Indonesian Islands You Should Visit That Aren't Bali
Bali might be the place on every traveller's lips, but who wants to always follow the crowds? Especially when some of Indonesia’s other islands have so much to... Read More »
Discovering the Best of Bali
We didn’t know what to expect from the Indonesian island of Bali. As we stepped off the plane, made our way through the airport, and headed outside, the humidity... Read More »
What to Expect from a Trip to Borneo
You might have heard of Borneo, but you won't really discover its wonders until you experience them first hand, writes Lucy... Read More »
Instatraveller: the Russian Headstand Man
Anton Charushin's pictures certainly turn heads when compared to the usual travel portraits. 'Head' being the operative word. In each of his successful Instagram... Read More »
Where to Go in Bali
You know how a country can make you fall in love with it? Enchanting you with its beauty, treating you to sumptuous meals, and giving you the most memorable... Read More »
Bali’s Best Wildlife and Where to Find it
With its stunning beaches and a regular turnover of sun-seeking and surf-chasing travellers, Bali is often best known as Indonesia’s go-to island for partying and... Read More »
Bloggers Share their 2016 #Travelinspo
Still unsure as to where to travel in 2016? To help you find your perfect holiday we asked a number of bloggers to share their personal recommendations on where... Read More »
Sunrise atop Indonesia's Most Famous Volcano: Mount Bromo
I was freezing. Not just cold, mind. Literally down to the bone, convinced that I’d never feel my legs again – that kind of cold. Which surprised me, as I was in... Read More »
Dream Travel Jobs: Suzy from Beach Escapes
Most people dream of travelling the world for a living. And we admit it: at Flight Centre we’re pretty lucky in that, if we’re not busy travelling for work, we’re... Read More »
The Best Diving Spots in Southeast Asia
Beneath the turquoise waters and glittering waves of Southeast Asia’s oceans lies an otherworldly ecosystem teeming with kaleidoscopic fish and technicolour corals,... Read More »
Ultimate Honeymoon Hideaways
Looking for the ultimate beach-side honeymoon? Look no further – here are our top suggestions for a relaxing and peaceful stay in the world’s most beautiful beach... Read More »
Discover Bali on New Emirates Route
Planning a trip to Dubai? Why not factor in a quick sojourn to the Indonesian paradise of Bali too? From 3rd of June 2015, the Middle East’s biggest airline –... Read More »
Our 5 favourites in Asia
The 3-day Asia sale has begun! Book by 16 May and SAVE up to 50% on flights, holidays, adventure tours and hotels.Exotic, mysterious, charming, beautiful, chaotic or... Read More »
The Other Side of Bali
This latest post by Featured Blogger Andrew Allen is dedicated to reader Grace who is going to Bali in July and wanted to know a little bit more about it! Andrew gets... Read More »