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How to Pack Like a Pro

How to Pack Like a Pro

Surely there’s an easier way to get from A to B without your luggage resembling a bring-and-buy sale when you get there? There is! We’ve got 15 clever ideas to help you get suitcase savvy before your next holiday

Start with a definitive list of what you need for each day and tick each item off as you pack. If you’re packing more than your daily ration, start editing.

If you’re on a short trip and need to be frugal with your garment count, you can turn a casual daytime outfit into a glam one with small accessories such as scarves.

Maximise space by packing one thing into another. Socks can be rolled up inside shoes, a belt, inside a shirt collar.

If you’re planning to shop while you’re away, leave a bit of room in your case to accommodate your buys and invest in a tote bag that folds down to a small pouch.

We’ve all heard that rolling your clothes makes more efficient use of space – well, you can make that even easier by securing each bundle with an elastic band.

Put cling film over the openings of toiletries and then secure the lids.

Keep earrings together by threading them through the holes in a button.

You want to pack your hair straighteners, but they haven’t cooled down? Take a pan handle holder to instantly insulate them.

Keep necklaces tangle-free by threading through a straw and securing.

Ziploc bags squeeze the air out of clothes, freeing up space.

Use a drawstring shoebag as a mini laundry bag for underwear and socks.

Scan your passport and ticket details and store in a secure web-based email account along with any emergency numbers (in case your cards are lost).

If you’re packing a torch or anything with batteries, turn the batteries around so they’re not accidentally flipped on.

On long flights, pack medications and a change of clothes in your carry-on bag. If your luggage gets delayed or lost, you’ll still have your essentials.

Taking gifts? Forget wrapping them before you go – they’ll arrive looking dishevelled. Fold some tissue and wrapping paper into your case’s front zip compartment.

Written by Elle Croft

When Elle is not travelling, she's blogging about it over at A Bird in the Hand Travel. She believes that you don't have to look like a backpacker to travel, and writes about the stylish side of wanderlust, from stylish destinations to packing tips.

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