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5 Luxury Travel Experiences to Make Your Holiday Extra Special
Whether it's your birthday, your honeymoon, or that once-in-a-lifetime adventure, there's always a luxury travel experience to make those special occasions... Read More »
Your 2022 Travel Horoscope
You know travel is on the horizon. You can feel it getting closer. But where to go? Well, why not let the stars guide you through 2022 and beyond? You can’t argue with... Read More »
Where to Travel for a Winter Olympics Experience
With Beijing's 2022 Winter Olympics launching this week, the sporting festivities are beginning once again – and we couldn't be more excited! You don’t need to... Read More »
The Best Christmas Drinks from Around the World
IT'S CHRISTMAS! The Flight Centre crew just LOVES the festive period, and what makes Christmas Day even more enjoyable? Why, a seasonal tipple of course! To mark... Read More »
9 of the Best Fireworks Displays in the World
It's that time of year again – the day of winter thermals, wellies, fairground rides, food truck burgers and of course: SPARKLERS. Yup, you guessed it: it's Bonfire... Read More »
Top 10 Adventure Activities From Around the World
If your ideal holiday is less strolling around a new place taking in the sights and more dangling four hundred feet above them, then this is for you. From coming face to... Read More »
North America
Top Places to Visit in Canada
The second largest country in the world is bound to have a lot to offer visitors, and the 16 million tourists travelling to the USA’s northern neighbour each year are... Read More »
6 of the Best Wildlife Experiences on the Planet
We don’t call ourselves Travel Experts for nothing at Flight Centre! Our teams have travelled all over the world, experiencing different cultures, cuisines and... Read More »
The World’s Best Pancakes
It’s that time of year again: the last Tuesday before Lent, Shrove Tuesday, aka, Pancake Day. All across the country, families will be whipping up batches of pancakes... Read More »
Bed, Breakfast and Animals: Hotels with Resident Pets
If you’re anything like me, you have to put aside at least 30 minutes to say a tearful goodbye to your pets before every holiday. But, for those who really get... Read More »
Where to Chase the Northern Lights
The aurora borealis can be a crafty mistress. When darkness descends between September and March each year, she teases the skies with dancing flecks of white and... Read More »
Video Blog: Grab a Dose of Canada Travel Inspiration
Here at Flight Centre UK, we just love Canada – it's one of our top places that we can't wait to get back to. Whether you're searching for whales and... Read More »
The Ultimate Guide to the Canadian Rockies
The Canadian Rockies are a hub for adventure, and its endless offering of impressive glaciers, alpine views and breathtaking lakes make it an explorer’s paradise.... Read More »
Things to do in Montreal
Montreal is one of Canada’s most unique and inspiring cities. The largest city in the French-speaking Quebec province, it’s a vibrant place with a creative spirit.... Read More »
How to Spend a Weekend in Vancouver
Vancouver. Where mighty Canadian mountains frame the city and the skyline is peppered with sparkling skyscrapers. Having lived here for a decade, Flight Centre's... Read More »
11 of the Most Magical Christmas Markets in the World
You know that festive feeling? The one where you crave nothing more than to be wrapped up in furs, a mug of hot chocolate in one gloved hand, and gift-laden shopping... Read More »
5 Reasons You Should Travel Western Canada by Train
Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Canadian Rockies? From the milky blue alpine lakes to jagged, snowy mountain peaks, it’s one of those places where nature leaves... Read More »
The Best Boutique Hotels in Toronto
A cosmopolitan Canadian city found on the northwestern coast of Lake Ontario, Toronto should top every traveller’s hit list. With soaring skyscrapers, lakeside views,... Read More »
6 of the Best Hikes in Vancouver
Cosmopolitan as it is with its many great restaurants, busy shopping streets and trendy breweries, Vancouver is renowned worldwide as a green city with plenty of outdoor... Read More »
7 Things to Do When it Rains in Vancouver
While Vancouver in the sunshine is utterly glorious, the city has plenty to offer on a rainy day too. So when a deluge hits, don’t just sit there getting soggy; try... Read More »
A Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Canadian Rockies Motorhome Trip
Dreaming of something extra-special for your Canadian Rockies adventure? Seeing it by motorhome offers the thrill of the wilderness with some welcome home comforts.... Read More »
Where to See Polar Bears
If you’re into animals, there’s nothing quite like seeing a polar bear in the wild. Catch a glimpse of even a tiny tuft of that soft, creamy fur, and it’ll feel... Read More »
The Ultimate Unique Places to Propose
Calling all travelling romantics! Planning the ultimate proposal, but not sure where to get down on one knee? Or no idea how to make your proposal so unique that it... Read More »
The Ultimate Guide to Road Tripping to Jasper
If you love the outdoors and enjoy basking in scenery that looks like it is straight out of a postcard, a trip to the Canadian Rockies is a must this summer. Fly... Read More »
8 Delicious Dishes to Try in Toronto
Canada’s largest city has food aplenty – from swanky restaurants to street food vendors to casual dining. Sophie Hart experienced the cuisine first-hand on a recent... Read More »
Tales from Western Canada's Rockies in the Winter
“You can drive your car on it,” says a reassuring local, catching my fleeting hesitation as I step out on to the snow-covered ice of Lake Louise. Of course, I... Read More »
6 Reasons Why You Should Spend Christmas Abroad
When it comes to the idea of spending Christmas abroad, most people fall into one of two camps. The first is those who can’t think of anything worse – surely... Read More »
The World's Most Glamorous Train Journeys
Taking us back to an era when travelling by train was a glamorous affair, these classic rail Journeys encourage us to take it easy and enjoy the... Read More »
Behind the Scenes of Canada's Rocky Mountaineer with Chef JP
The Rocky Mountaineer experience makes many a bucket list – whether you're retired and looking to splurge, on a honeymoon, celebrating a special occasion or... Read More »
Why Rocky Mountaineer is More Than Just a Train Journey
List off some of the most naturally beautiful locations in the world and chances are Western Canada is going to be on there. From Vancouver with its laid-back coastal... Read More »
The Top 5 Things to Do in Kelowna, British Columbia
Canada's Kelowna is home to British Columbia’s breathtaking Okanagan Valley wine country. While this is Kelowna’s ticket to fame, there is an abundance of... Read More »
In Your Wildest Dreams: the Quirkiest Hotels in Canada
For a chance to see incredible wildlife, explore the great outdoors, taste outstanding local produce and sleep in hotels that are (almost) out of this world, there's no... Read More »
The Guide to Quebec: A Tale of Two Cities
If you ever need proof that daring to be different works, just head to Quebec. Canada’s French-speaking province has the same laid-back, unruffled temperament as the... Read More »
3 Epic Road Trips to Take from Vancouver
At first glance, Vancouver may not seem like a land of road trip holidays, but this Canadian gem has more incredible tarmac than you can shake a hockey stick at. Most... Read More »
Everything You Need to Know About Exploring Lake Louise
One of Canada’s most beloved ski resorts, Lake Louise is a destination that offers beauty and excitement all-year round. The lake that gives the town its name, in... Read More »
6 Things to Know Before you Go Skiing
Skiing is a holiday activity that people return to year after year. It’s fun, exhilarating and rewarding to speed down a beautiful snow-covered slope with the cool... Read More »
A Traveller's Guide to Calgary
Located just one hour from the Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park, Calgary has long been known as a gateway city to Alberta's nature scene. It’s a city with a... Read More »
Why I Love Jasper as Much as Banff
When you’re planning your trip to Western Canada, everyone will rave to you about Banff National Park and the beauty of its abundant mirror lakes and snow-capped... Read More »
A Quick Guide to Niagara Falls, Canada
You don’t have to listen very hard to hear the thunder of Niagara Falls. We could hear it crashing into a dense mist from our hotel – but then we had been lucky... Read More »
10 Things I Ate in Canada
Canada is perhaps not the first country that springs to mind when you think of culinary excellence, but it should be. On a recent trip to Ontario, I gorged on... Read More »
Adventure in Western Canada: Jasper & Banff
Having departed Vancouver two days prior, Alexandra Gregg continues her journey across Western Canada – keeping a keen eye out for bears in... Read More »
Canada: East vs West
Whether you opt for the east and its charming, historic cities, great whale watching and delectable seafood, or the west and its wide-open spaces, bears, and chic,... Read More »
Where the Locals Go in Vancouver
Experiencing a destination like a local, isn’t that what we all aim for when we travel to somewhere new? There’s something about scratching beneath the surface of a... Read More »
Adventure in Western Canada: Vancouver
Maple leaves, uninterrupted snow, mounties. We’ve all heard the Canadian stereotypes. But that’s all they are – sweeping observations that barely provide a... Read More »
Rocky Mountaineer to Launch Revamped GoldLeaf Service
Picture this: you’re chugging through some of the richest mountain landscapes in the world, surrounded by delicious Canadian wine and a la carte cuisine, with the... Read More »
Experience the Best of Banff in the Winter
The Canadian town of Banff boasts magical scenery and natural beauty aplenty. It’s like this town has been taken straight from your favourite fairy tale: snow-tipped... Read More »
An Expert's Guide to Eastern Canada and the USA
“Amazing cities, history and culture, stunning lakes, mountains and national parks, and an abundance of nature. They’ve got it all!”As you can tell, Dominique... Read More »
Wild Card: 9 Days in Eastern Canada
For first-time visitors to Toronto, the city may look oddly familiar. This might be because it often plays body double for New York and other big cities in Hollywood... Read More »
Where to Go in 2017
It’s that time of year again. You commute to work, it’s dark. You commute home from work, it’s still dark. Your skin feels pale and lifeless, your hot water bottle... Read More »
An Interview with Travel Bloggers Getting Stamped
We've all dreamed of quitting the daily grind to travel the world. Well, Hannah and Adam of the travel blog Getting Stamped actually did it. While their story is... Read More »
10 Reasons to Visit Ontario (That Aren’t Niagara Falls)
When I told my friends and family I was going to Canada, they invariably assumed I meant the west coast. Ontario just wasn’t on their radar. “So it’s got Niagara,... Read More »
In Search of Algonquin’s Elusive Moose
Deep in the heart of Ontario lies Algonquin Provincial Park, the oldest and largest provincial park in the state. This quintessentially Canadian landscape is made up of... Read More »
Our Most Inspirational Itinerary Videos: REVEALED
Have you ever been sat on your sofa watching TV, when a beautiful shot of paradise flashes up on the screen? Did it inspire you to book that plane ticket or explore some... Read More »
7 Unusual Things to Do in Toronto
Under the space-ship-esque shadow of the CN Tower, the Canadian border city of Toronto shines bright amid a sprawling mix of residential streets, lofty skyscrapers... Read More »
12 Films that Will Inspire You to Travel
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve finished watching a film and, when the credits start rolling, thought ‘wow, I want to go there’. As a self-confessed... Read More »
Instatravellers: Aspen the Mountain Pup
Animals on Instagram are the new celebrities – some amassing more than one million followers with ease. One such upcoming furry superstar is @Aspenthemountainpup,... Read More »
The Toronto City Guide
Cultured, cosmopolitan and cool, the ‘New York City of Canada’ is currently topping the list of must-see city break... Read More »
10 Best Benches Around the World
When you’re discovering a new country, it’s easy to find yourself rushing through a whirlwind checklist. But, there is nothing better than having a moment to... Read More »
Hiking the Chilcotin on British Columbia's Central Coast
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogThe Chilcotin plateau lies between the Rocky Mountain range and the Coast Mountains, on Canada’s west... Read More »
6 After-Dark Adventures in Seattle
Sleepless in Seattle? From zoo festivals to full-moon kayak tours, we reveal the city’s best night-time spots in this cosmopolitan city. Spend a few nights here before... Read More »
Where to go this Winter
Oh why, oh why are we talking about winter, we hear you ask. We're well aware that the last dregs of summer (if you can call it that!) are still with us, but we know... Read More »
Veg Out: The 10 Best Cities for Vegans and Vegetarians
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogAt the global dinner table, there are just some places a meat avoider should, ahem, avoid, reckons... Read More »
Getting More Bang for your Buck: The Best Currencies Right Now
On a budget? Travel doesn’t always have to break the bank. One way to cut your holiday costs – if you’re not fussy about your destination, that is – is to let... Read More »
What Guidebook Style Suits You?
With an abundance of well-stocked bookstores on the high street, not to mention the rise of online literary retailers like Amazon, choosing the right guidebook to... Read More »
Behind the Scenes of Canada's Rocky Mountaineer with Train Manager David Aboud
Traversing Western Canada - Vancouver, Banff, Jasper, Whistler, Quesnel - and now Seattle, Rocky Mountaineer offers one of the most iconic train journeys out there.... Read More »
The UK Makes Arrivals Even Easier
Attention all Australian, Canadian, Japanese, New Zealand and American nationals! Travelling to the UK just got even easier. The government Registered Traveller service... Read More »
11 of the Coolest Places to See on Google Street View
Google has brought us a lot over the years: from its Google Doodles to helping keep the Internet safe, not to mention being the go-to source for pretty much everything.... Read More »
Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal... What is the Best City to Visit in Canada?
Being British, I think I often find that Canada is frequently overshadowed and brushed aside by the media dominance of the United States. This can sometimes lead to a... Read More »
Spotlight on: Vancouver
Consistently voted one of the best cities in the world to live in, what does Vancouver have in store for the unsuspecting visitor? Lauren Rayner heads there to find... Read More »
Hitting the slopes in Sunpeaks
Next week the global Flight Centre social media team is gathering in Canada for its annual conference - and while we're there, we thought we'd test run a few of the... Read More »
Travel oddities: Sign Post Forest, Canada
We’ve all seen pictures of those sign posts pointing out the distances to far-flung destinations around the globe – but there’s one place in Yukon, Canada that has... Read More »
Halifax Travel Facts
Sam Willan from Flight Centre's Marketing team explains why and how you should enjoy an city break to Halifax on your next trip to Canada.When you think of a city... Read More »
Toronto: My Second Home Part 2
In the first installment of this guest post 2 parter by Toronto fan Nadine Stewart she told us about the best places for sightseeing, shopping and sports in the... Read More »
Toronto: My Second Home Part 1
Guest blogger Nadine Stewart knows and loves Toronto very well - mainly because most of her family live there! In this 2 part series she will share with us all her... Read More »
Interview with Dylan Lowe on his Grand Canadian Hitchhike
Dylan Lowe, also known as the Traveling Editor, has set himself the challenge of hitchhiking across Canada, from west coast to eastern shores. Whilst undeniably a... Read More »
Interview with Sarah Tucker: Author of ‘Have baby will travel’
In the first of our interview series, Travel Experts, we speak to travel journalist and mother Sarah Tucker who shares her experience of travelling with children.Sarah... Read More »
North America
Who needs Coachella? North American Festivals that rock!
 If you were too slow to pocket tickets to this years Coachella Festival you will be very pleased to know that it's not the only North American festival that rocks.... Read More »