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An Interview with Travel Bloggers Getting Stamped

We've all dreamed of quitting the daily grind to travel the world. Well, Hannah and Adam of the travel blog Getting Stamped actually did it. While their story is incredibly inspirational, it's their current travels and spectacular imagery that makes this website one to bookmark. As one of our guest judges for our #ColoursOfAsia competition, we caught up with the couple to quiz them on their adventurous life and their best tips for photographing their travels.

Even though you’ve both been travelling since 2013, where do you consider home?

I think we'll always call where we grew up in Wisconsin 'home', but over the last three years we've become accustomed to being on the move and have slept in over 400 different places. On our travels we've spent a few longer stretches of time in Northern Thailand, and if there was ever a place that felt kinda like home it would be in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

With an incredible 64 country stamps in your passport, are there any you haven’t been to and plan to visit?

The short answer is the rest of the world. Even though we've seen so much in the past few years when we look at a map there are still a lot of open spaces that are calling us to visit. Highest on our list right now are Iceland, the Balkans, Japan and Turkmenistan. The more we travel the more we want to seek out the unique and lesser-visited places.

Do you have a favourite photo you’ve taken recently on your travels? What do you love about it?

One of my recent favorites was from a sunrise at Bow Lake in Alberta, Canada. I like the photo for the image itself but also because it reminds me of the morning we took it. We were the only ones standing on the shore of the nearly perfectly still lake with the rugged mountains as a backdrop. Over the course of nearly two hours, we watched the colours on the mountains change as the sun painted them in purples, pinks, and oranges.

Your photos are absolutely incredible, what has been your favourite destination (so far) to photograph?

It's tough to pick just one country, but I think one place that combines dramatic landscapes with tropical waters for some epic photos is the Philippines. The Canadian Rockies, Namibia and New Zealand would all be in the running for my favourite places to take pictures.

What’s the most colourful place you’ve ever visited? What did you love about it?

We've visited a lot of colorful places, but the one city that comes to mind is Antigua, Guatemala. I loved the colourful Spanish colonial buildings throughout the city. To add to the colour, the vibrantly painted 'chicken buses' would cruise along the cobblestone streets. Then at the end of the day, the sun would melt into the volcanoes surrounding the city and light up the sky with colour for nearly an hour every evening.

The prize for the competition is a trip to India following the Golden Triangle. What did you love about India? What was the highlight?

Maybe it's cliché, but the Taj was the highlight. Many super-popular places in the world can be a letdown, but not the Taj. Standing in front of the perfectly symmetrical white marble, faced with the calm reflecting pools, is nothing short of magical. It was even more impressive than I thought it would be. Apart from the Taj we also had a great time exploring Jaipur and, of course, the food was pretty amazing.

Based on your trip, what advice would you give someone travelling to India for the first time?

Have a positive attitude. India is an intense place and can be overwhelming if you let it. Instead, try and appreciate and enjoy everything that makes India what it is. On our last trip to the Taj Mahal, we were frequently (like every five minutes) asked to have our picture taken with local Indian families, even hold their babies. Instead of letting it bother us, we had fun with it. We thought of it as earning some good picture karma, it let us talk to people and provided some interesting shots that we couldn't have got any other way. There's no way to totally prepare for India, just enjoy it for all the colour, beauty, and chaos.

Hannah and Adam will be judging our #ColoursOfAsia competition. You can see more of their incredible photos on their Instagram

Written by Lauren Burvill

Australian born but London based, I'm a sucker for big cities and small tropical islands. When travelling, I like eating like a local, dressing like a local, but staying in 5 star style. Have a travel story to share? Tweet me @laurenburvill.

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