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A Guide to Flying Business & First Class with Lufthansa

Lufthansa First and Business

Flying to 197 cities across 78 countries, it's hard not to be impressed by Lufthansa's vast network. In fact, our Travel Consultants love the airline so much that, when a group of them got the chance to fly to Frankfurt to experience its First and Business Class offering, they leapt at the chance (well, wouldn't we all?)! They learnt all about Lufthansa's history and its plush cabins, including Premium Economy, and, most importantly, got the chance to turn left and experience the indulgence of the two top cabins. We caught up with our Flight Centre experts Harry Harty and Mia Smith to hear all about their experience:

Onboard service with Lufthansa - Image: Lufthansa

Onboard service with Lufthansa

Image: Lufthansa

What makes Lufthansa’s First & Business Class service so special?

Harry: What an experience! I could tell straight away that Lufthansa had put exceptional effort into ensuring that flying in its Business and First Classes is more than just an upgrade from other cabins, it’s a whole other experience. It's about to roll out a new Business Class cabin that will see direct-aisle access for all passengers, giving more freedom, privacy and exclusivity for the discerning flyer. In First Class you will find an incredibly exclusive product, from having one flight attendant per four passengers (dependent on the aircraft), to sound-proofed doors separating you from the galley, lush carpets, and the iconic Lufthansa Rose which adorns every First Class seat!

Mia: Also, in 2018 Lufthansa was crowned Europe’s first and only five-star airline – and after experiencing it first hand I can really see why; they have a truly excellent service and a friendly, efficient cabin crew.

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge - Image: Lufthansa

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge

Image: Lufthansa

What perks can our customers expect from the Business Class lounges? 

Mia: In Lufthansa's Business Class lounge at Heathrow's Terminal 2, seats are plentiful and the atmosphere was very calming – it gave us a chance to unwind and relax with a delicious tea or coffee before our early morning flight!

In Frankfurt, again, the lounge was spacious, so there was plenty of room to spread out. It boasts a business centre with computers and charging stations, several areas with comfy chairs and TVs, and a dining room with tables and chairs. There’s also a central bar with pretty much every alcoholic beverage you could wish for, as well as an array of food choices. My favourite dish was the curry, not to mention all the tasty baked goods (especially the pretzels!).

Harry: Yes, I’d agree. What I loved about the lounges in both Heathrow and Frankfurt was the size of them and the sheer amount of delicious food and drink on offer. Even at busy times you're guaranteed a seat and no big queues. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to begin your First Class journey from Frankfurt, you’ll have access to an exclusive First Class terminal where you get a private security and check-in experience, as well as a Porsche transfer from your terminal to the door of the plane!

Lufthansa airport lounge - Image: Lufthansa

Lufthansa airport lounge

Image: Lufthansa

How does Lufthansa's Business Class look and feel?

Mia: The Business Class seats are extremely comfortable, organised in a 2-2-2 configuration. The seats are arranged in a V formation, angled in pairs with footstools next to each other (separated by a partition) but with shoulders much further apart. Depending on the plane you’re on, you may also have an upper deck with a 2-2 configuration, where you'll have even more privacy, storage and exclusivity.

Harry: I found it to be incredibly spacious and plush. It really caters to all kinds of flyers, from those travelling for business (as there’s plenty of space for laptops and such) to leisure holidaymakers who fancy upgrading to a big lie-flat bed (they're almost 6ft 5in in length!). I can't wait to see the new Business Class product too...

Lufthansa onboard service - Image: Lufthansa

Lufthansa onboard service

Image: Lufthansa

What service & entertainment is on offer?

Mia: The service onboard really stood out for me. In Business Class we had an appointed flight attendant, ensuring that our every need was fulfilled with a personal touch. In terms of entertainment, the 15-inch touchscreen feels enormous and, most importantly, can be controlled with a remote. You can even angle the screen towards you for optimal viewing! With over 180 films and 270 TV shows, there's plenty to keep you entertained – even on long-haul flights!

Harry: Oh, and they now have Live TV with Sport24 on all their long-haul flights! Ideal if you want to catch a big game.

Onboard service Lufthansa - Image: Lufthansa

Onboard service Lufthansa

Image: Lufthansa

Now the biggie: what's the food and drink like?

Harry: The great thing about Lufthansa’s premium product is how relevant it is to your destination. So, if you're flying to Japan for example, the menu will be tailored towards Asian cuisine! The flight attendants really know all the menus inside-out too and can advise you on the best dishes.

Mia: What I loved about Lufthansa's culinary experiences in both Business and First Class is that the menus change around every two months and are recommended by leading chefs (using seasonal and regional produce). They're also served on high-quality tableware, which is a lovely touch. As Harry mentions, having your own personal flight attendant really does give that personal touch and allows them to respond to your individual food and drinks requirements even more effectively (they even remembered my wine preference!).

Lufthansa onboard food - Image: Lufthansa

Lufthansa onboard food

Image: Lufthansa

How do Lufthansa's cabin crew train for the job?

Harry: After flying to Frankfurt we got the chance to visit Lufthansa’s training department. This was amazing as we got to experience the different ways in which both flight attendants and pilots are trained. The setup is so impressive and extensive that other airlines actually send their staff to this facility to ensure they're also getting the best service and safety training. Seeing pilots undertaking their training and the flight attendants practicing how to lay out and serve the premium meal service, was really impressive. There is such attention to detail. They have actual mock cabins in the building for a more realistic training experience. Staff have to come back here every two years to complete certain levels of training again to keep up with safety and service standards.

Mia: Agreed! For me, it was really interesting to see the training centres for both the cabin crew and pilots and to understand the amount of training they undergo and how frequently too. It thoroughly ensures they are up to date with the product, as well as maintaining high-quality service and health and safety standards. I also loved how they're always thinking of new ways to be sustainable. For example, Lufthansa has stopped washing its planes with water and instead uses a special paste to clean each aircraft.

Lufthansa cabin crew - Image: Lufthansa

Lufthansa cabin crew

Image: Lufthansa

Why should our customers fly First or Business Class with Lufthansa?

Harry: Lufthansa is one of the longest-serving and most established airlines in the world, with industry experience and knowledge that is unrivalled by many. The staff really take all feedback onboard and use this to constantly update and refresh their First and Business Class offerings, ultimately giving you the best experience possible.

Written by Emily Rose Cater

Having studied Journalism, Film & Media at university, Emily spent the first three years of her career writing for fashion titles, before finding her niche in travel writing. Emily has been lucky enough to travel the world for both work and pleasure, with favourite destinations being Borneo, Sri Lanka and The Philippines. When she's not travelling, Emily loves to binge-watch crime documentaries, go for a hike, or (attempt) to bake.

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