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7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mallorca in Winter

Mallorca in winter? "Why would I want to do that?" I hear you cry, "isn't it cold?" Well, perhaps a tad, but the weather's still glorious. Plus, the roads are empty, prices are low, and you'll definitely find that peace and quiet you've been craving. So why not give it a try and see for yourself? Here are my top seven reasons why you should:

Perfect weather

Mallorca averages around 300 days of sunshine per year and many of these days fall in winter. We travelled in mid-December and all but one of the seven days we spent on the island offered clear blue skies and bright sunlight. That’s not to say it wasn’t a little chilly mind you, mainly due to the sea breezes, so we were glad of our jackets in the early mornings and once the sun had set. Sunbathing might have been out, but the weather didn’t stop us hiking, swimming and exploring in the slightest.

You’ll have the place (mostly) to yourself

Most visitors come to Mallorca in the spring and summer to relax on the glorious beaches, swim in the sea, and head off on boat trips around the island. Museums, restaurants and bars fill with crowds and queues form for ice cream and cold drinks. In winter however, it’s a different story, with many hotels half-empty and the main tourist attractions deserted. Take Lluc Monastery for example. The day we visited we were two of just a handful of visitors, so wandering through the corridors and sitting in the chapel was an unhurried, peaceful experience, which I thoroughly appreciated.

There are bargains aplenty

Being off-season, winter in Mallorca is cheap. Hotels slash their prices, flights are at rock bottom (although schedules can be limited), car rental is at winter sale price and even restaurants offer deals and money off to entice you in. And with all that money you save, you can splash out on dinner, or visit even more of the island’s many monasteries, museums, gardens and beaches.

Parking is a doddle

One of my favourite things we did in Mallorca was drive the very scenic Pollenca to Andratx road, the MA-10. Along its 73-mile route, we discovered many delightful photostops (known as miradors) where we could park and walk to a viewpoint looking out over the mountains or the sea. The parking often had space for just a single vehicle, so I can only imagine that in summer the road gets crammed with cars parked all over the place and people wandering in the road. I was very glad that we met more goats than cars on our scenic drive.

You can still do (almost) everything

All the tourist attractions were still open when we visited, despite it being off-season. The only places we noticed that were shut for the winter were a few restaurants, reducing the choice of places to eat a little (although there were still plenty of options) and that boat trips to Cabrera Island, home of the Blue Cave, were not running. Other than that, we spent our days unrestricted, visiting the Lluc Monastery, Soller Museum, walking the footpaths and exploring the beaches.

Escape the UK winter

If the idea of darkness at 3pm and wind and rain all day fills you with horror, then you might have thought about escaping the UK winter. While jetting off to the Caribbean or Florida sounds lovely, it’s not the cheapest option. Mallorca however, wont break the bank and allows you to soak up the winter sun. I was amazed how bright the skies were and how warm the sun felt on my back, something that, just a few weeks into the British autumn/winter period, I had already forgotten.

Christmas markets

Of course, this one depends on when in winter you go, but if you go in December like I did, don’t miss the Christmas markets in Palma's Placa Espana and Placa Major. Stuffed with stalls selling Christmas decorations, gifts, souvenirs, trinkets and novelties, these markets are a delight to browse, especially in the evening when they are illuminated by fairy lights. You won't go hungry either – with everything from chocolate-covered churros to mulled wine on offer. There's even an ice rink!

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Written by Angela Griffin

Born with a severe case of itchy feet, I’ve tried to appease my perpetual wanderlust by selling high-end safaris, dabbling in guidebook writing and more recently travel writing and blogging, but to no avail. A life-long lover of the great outdoors, I’m at my happiest when hiking up a mountain, or skiing down one.

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