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7 Active and Adventurous Things To Do in Brisbane


I’m not the type of person to plan an active holiday - one where I’m working out regularly or participating in adrenaline-filled activities each day. I like to relax and explore the city usually, but something about Brisbane, Australia, makes you want to be a little more adventurous. Best of all, when it comes to outdoor pursuits, you’ll have plenty of choices. From a casual hike to witness jaw-dropping city views, to kayaking and climbing, these fun-filled activities will make your trip all the more enjoyable. Here are 7 thrilling things to try on your next visit to Brisbane, Australia.

Brisbane River - Image: Theresa Christine

Brisbane River

Image: Theresa Christine

Ride Urb-E Bikes on a City Tour

Never heard of Urb-E bikes? Neither had I until I was strapping on a helmet and ready to hop on one at the Riverlife Adventure Centre. They’re fully electric bikes (so no need to pedal!), and if you’re comfortable on a traditional bike then an Urb-E will be a breeze. I loved getting to see so much more of the city, zipping past Kangaroo Point Lookout and through the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. You’ll get to experience a lot of the highlights of Brisbane with an incredibly unique mode of transportation.

Urb-E - Image: Theresa Christine


Image: Theresa Christine

Rock Climbing at Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Rock climbing in Brisbane is about as epic as it gets within a city, imagine scrambling up a cliff face with a light breeze from the riverside, and if you turn around you’re treated to incredible city vistas. I didn’t do a climb myself, but I did enjoy sitting at the BBQ pits and watching some brave souls carefully ascend the rock. Luckily, you don’t have to pack up all your gear to partake; instead, you can book the experience through a tour company. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even do a night climb!

Rock climbing - Image: Theresa Christine

Rock climbing

Image: Theresa Christine

Put on Trainers and Go for a Run

With lush spots like the Roma Street Parkway and the Brisbane River running through the city, you’re completely spoiled for choice on lovely running paths. Not being an avid runner myself, I enjoyed using the Run Concierge at the Westin Brisbane CBD which took me through parts of the city I wouldn’t have known about otherwise—in particular, the colourful and Instagrammable “BRISBANE” sign right by the water, or the Goodwill Bridge which offered amazing city views. But because Brisbane is a city that does a great job of mixing nature in with skyscrapers, you can’t go wrong wherever you decide to go for a run.

Climb the Story Bridge

One of the highlights of my trip was suiting up and walking on top of the famed Story Bridge. It certainly helped that my tour happened at dusk; honestly, there isn’t a better spot to witness the setting sun than from the top of the bridge! The Story Bridge Adventure Climb is safe, and not only are you given a thorough safety briefing beforehand, but you are strapped in with a harness and carabiner the entire time. Whatever uneasiness I felt about heights vanished entirely when I saw just how unbelievable the views are from the top.

Story Bridge climb - Image: Theresa Christine

Story Bridge climb

Image: Theresa Christine

Wake Up Early for Sunrise at Mt. Coot-tha

If you can manage the early wake-up, make your way to Mt. Coot-tha for a refreshing 5-kilometer hike on the Summit Track combined with the Mahogany Trail. It’s not a strenuous hike, and you’ll find a gradual grade along with some stairs leading up to the top (plus a cafe to take care of that appetite you built up). Once you’ve made it to the lookout, face east to watch a magnificent sunrise over the buildings of Brisbane.

Kayaking on the River

With the river winding right in the middle of Brisbane, it only makes sense to get on the water, too! Climbing into a kayak gives you a unique perspective of the city as you paddle underneath the Story Bridge and past the Maritime Museum, plus it’s an outstanding workout. Because the weather in Brisbane is relatively dry and mild throughout the year, you can enjoy getting out on the water pretty much any time you might visit.

Brisbane sign - Image: Theresa Christine

Brisbane sign

Image: Theresa Christine

Take an Aussie’s Favourite Mode of Transportation: A Helicopter

Get ready to experience Australia from above. If there’s one place to hop in a helicopter and do a tour, it’s in here. You can enjoy Brisbane overhead and outside city limits you’ll be treated to majestic mountain scenery and lush vineyards. I took a helicopter from Brisbane to Kooroomba Vineyards and Lavender Farm for a luxurious lunch and wine tasting, and I audibly gasped once we made it over a ridge to see green mountains standing tall against a crisp blue sky.

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Helicopter ride - Image: Theresa Christine

Helicopter ride

Image: Theresa Christine

Written by Theresa Christine

Theresa Christine is a freelance travel writer whose work has taken her snorkeling between tectonic plates in Iceland, horseback riding through the Brazilian countryside, and on an octopus art car with Susan Sarandon at Burning Man. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and cat. Find her on Instagram: @itsmetheresac

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