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5 Reasons Why You Should Surf in Morocco’s Taghazout Region

There’s something serene and alluring about Taghazout, a former sleepy fishing village turned year-round surf destination, in southwest Morocco. It has become a surf Mecca for those looking to catch some waves, chill out and immerse themselves in the intriguing Berber culture.

Sea-salty air and balmy days make the region seem like a refreshing tonic from chaotic urban life back home. Bright blue boats along the shoreline, seagulls swooping down between swells, surfers catching waves in the distance, it’s a quaint, coastal village scene with a laid-back vibe.

Unlike other popular European surf destinations, such as Portugal and France, Morocco is blessed with year-round warm weather, powerful Atlantic waves and a wild, rugged landscape that can only be found on the continent of Africa. If that isn’t enough to entice you, here are five reasons why you should surf there...

Waves to suit all abilities

Whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned surfer, there are plenty of beaches with varying swells for all levels. With roughly 20 different surf spots in the surrounding areas, no surf day needs to be the same.

There are miles of beach breaks suitable for surfing newbies, including Imourane and K11, where plenty of white waves make great training grounds. Anchor Point is the Holy Grail for more advanced surfers, well known for its right-hand long curling breaks. Tamraght is the place to head to, when the waves are flat elsewhere.

There are a variety of surf schools along Hash Point, many offering surf and yoga retreats. Chat to your Travel Expert to find out more.

Year-round warm weather

Step off the plane onto the soils of North Africa, and instantly feel the warm air surround you, no matter what time of the year you choose to visit. Sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean, the mountains and argan forests, Taghazout experiences a mild climate with temperatures rarely dropping below 20°C in winter.

It’s not just the hot climate that attracts surfers; the waters are more inviting than chillier European surf spots, with ocean temperatures above 16°C, meaning a 2mm wetsuit should suffice. While it’s not Indian Ocean hot, the Moroccan waters are the perfect balance between refreshing and warm.

Culture, excursions and laid-back life

Taghazout has a distinct traveller vibe. It’s the rich, enchanting culture and Berber way of life that makes a trip to this coastal village so fascinating. Attracting the hippies in the late 1960s, the carefree way and the rugged natural landscape have since allured surfers from all corners of the world.

After a day’s surf, immerse yourself in the Berber culture by exploring the local markets, stocking up on spices and souvenirs, or visiting a Hammam spa in Agadir. Day trips can also be arranged to Paradise Valley, an oasis with natural pools, in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.

If time permits, schedule a few spare days at the end of your trip to travel to Marrakech and experience the buzz of the main square, Djemaa El Fna. Adventurous souls can head to the Atlas Mountains or journey into the Sahara to admire Morocco’s majestic natural landscape.

Tagine and mint tea

The food is another highlight. The flavour-packed tagines and sweet mint tea are worth the trip to Morocco alone. Slow-cooked in an earthenware pot, fusing fragrant spices with sliced vegetables, meats, and dried fruits – tagines are an exotic journey for the senses. Say yes to the 10-dirham (£2) mint teas sold in plastic cups on the beaches. Dubious as you may be, they are legendary. Super sweet with plenty of mint and an overdose of sugar, they are the perfect energy boost in between surf sessions.

Fill your boots with a buffet surf breakfast, often served at surf camps or beachfront restaurants. With so many yoghurts, fruits, cakes and homemade pancakes on offer, it is advisable that you pile your plate high. You’ll need the energy for a day full of surfing; it’s a full-body workout and your muscles will be grateful for the extra fuel a few hours later, when you’re catching the waves.

Sunset yoga

Yoga perfectly compliments surfing. In Taghazout there are plenty of places where you can enjoy a sunset yoga class, many in outdoor studios for added authenticity. Sun salutation (the warm-up vinyasa sequence) looking out towards the sea is a humbling experience, allowing you to appreciate the power of the waves from afar.

Not only does yoga help you to relax and stretch the muscles after an adrenaline-fuelled surf session, but it also helps to build core strength and keep you supple (essential for nifty pop-ups as you catch the trickier green waves). Sunset yoga is also a totally calming experience, particularly as you watch the sun drop behind the tangerine sky, listening to the crashing waves in the background. You’ll no doubt leave the yoga session feeling totally Zen, invigorated for your next surf lesson and a newly converted yogi. Not to mention, “totally stoked” about surfing!

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Written by Sophie Cole

Always dreaming about the next travel adventure, I am happiest when I am on the open road exploring the wild beauties of the natural world. I love a challenge, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, whether it’s learning to surf, running a marathon, hiking a mountain or skydiving through the African skies.

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