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10 Reasons to Love the Eurostar

Here at Flight Centre we love everything to do with flying. Everything from the excitement at the airport to browsing the duty-free to watching the world whizz by from above the clouds. So while we do love flying, we also love the ease of travelling by Eurostar which can take you to some of our favourite cities like Paris, Nice, Brussels, Amsterdam, Geneva and Zurich.

I recently took the Eurostar to Brussels and was reminded of how much I love this speedy service. Here are some reasons why the Eurostar is a great way to travel and some tips for anyone travelling this way.

It’s fast

Of course, the most obvious reason to love the Eurostar is because it’s so quick. You can be in Brussels or Paris in just two hours. Planes may be slightly quicker but the extra time spent in airports can add hours on to your journey.

30 minute check-in

When boarding the Eurostar you only need to arrive at St Pancras train station 30 minutes before your train leaves. Of course, it’s a good idea to arrive a little earlier just to be safe but there’s no need to arrive 2 hours early like you would on a plane.

Centrally located

The gorgeous Kings Cross St Pancras train station is centrally located in London so it’s cheaper and easier to get to than airports like Luton and Heathrow. It does mean that you may need to battle with the London commuters so make sure you’re a little earlier if you’re travelling around rush hour. The same applies for when you arrive in your destination; Eurostar stations are central in the city so you don’t need to pay for taxis or further trains when you arrive.

Check-in and security is super speedy

There are all the necessary security checks and scans when boarding the Eurostar but the quick and efficient staff will make sure you whizz through and will be in the waiting lounge in no time.

Take your own food

There are no food restrictions on the Eurostar so you’re free to take a packed lunch and even a flask of tea or coffee so you can have your very own train picnic. Plane food and even airport food is notoriously over priced and terrible quality so save your pennies for when you arrive at your destination and make the most of the BYO.

Extra leg room

In comparison to a budget airline there is much more leg room on the Eurostar. Unless you’re in the first class carriage, leggy passengers may still feel a little cramped but there is much more space to get up and stretch your legs. You’re not confined to your seat during ‘take-off’ and ‘landing’ too so you’re free to have a wander around.

You don’t need to switch off your electrical devices

If you’ve ditched old-fashioned paperbacks, newspapers and magazines for electronic alternatives then you’ll probably find yourself at a loose end during takeoff and landing when you have to turn off your electrical devices  on a plane. On the Eurostar you’re free to use any gadgets you please, just keep your headphones in for films and games!

Extra luggage

There are luggage restrictions on the Eurostar but you are allowed to take up to three bags which don’t need to be checked into a separate area. This means that you won’t need to queue up and wait at the carousel when you arrive and there’s no chance of your luggage going missing.

You arrive feeling relaxed

Without the stress of airport security, confined spaces, trying to track down taxis and endless queues, you’ll arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed and ready for your holiday.

If you can think of any other reasons to love the Eurostar, let us know in the comments below!

Written by Monica

Monica is a travel blogger with a love for stylish adventures around the world. She blogs over on The Travel Hack about everything from weekend breaks, stylish hotels, exotic holidays and adventure travel.

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