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A land of stunning natural scenery, incredible history and a thriving arts and cultural scene, Scotland is a nation comprised of more than 790 islands located in the north of the United Kingdom. Offering countless opportunities to explore its varied landscape, Scotland holidays are popular for both short city breaks and long journeys through the gorgeous countryside, towering mountains and rugged coastlines.

Scotland tours can take you to any of the country's iconic castles – if you start in the area of Aberdeenshire there is even an official castle trail dedicated to 17 of Scotland's most famous castles.

Other historic sites include old battlefields, such as Bannockburn and Culloden and five UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the oldest being the Heart of Neolithic Orkney, an important Neolithic site dating back 5,000 years that is comprised of four unique monuments.

Scotland is also a nature lover's haven and it is possible to participate in outdoor activities such as golf, cycling, hiking, fishing and horse riding. Your Scotland travel guide will help you choose the best area for the activities you plan to engage in.

You may wish to explore the rolling hills for a leisurely hike or scale some challenging mountains for something more difficult; no matter what you choose you are sure to be rewarded with incredible views.

Beachgoers won't be disappointed, as Scotland's rocky coastline is beauty at its purest and while it may be chilly for swimming, it is the perfect place to snap some magazine-worthy photos.

Follow the Whisky Trail through the rolling hills

Booking flights to Scotland is worthwhile simply for the chance to visit Cairngorms National Park, the perfect place for anyone to enjoy a few days of breathtaking natural beauty mixed with fun visits to local castles, breweries and distilleries. As Scotland is a major producer of malt whisky, you can even follow the world's only Malt Whisky Trail, dedicated to Scotland's 'water of life'.

Another must-visit destination is Aberdeen, famous not only for its many excellent castles but also for its world class museums, shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Lastly, no visit to Scotland would be complete without spending some time in Edinburgh, the capital and second largest city.

Edinburgh is full of incredible architecture, great food and year-round festivals and events. From the stunning Edinburgh Castle to the charming Old Town, you are sure to find something to pique your interest and capture your heart in this classic old-world city.

A country of incomparable beauty and isolated corners of perfection, mixed with historic cities offering culture art, and history, Scotland is a unique travel destination just waiting to be discovered.