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Indonesia holidays are not just about rejuvenating in Bali. While Bali is an amazing place to relax, surf and experience unique Balinese culture, Indonesia's numerous archipelagos offer insight into another world. Visit Lombok's fascinating Gili Islands, or take the time to explore Indonesian history in its sprawling capital Jakarta.

Popular Destinations

Bali's unique Hindu culture produces an atmosphere of relaxation and tolerance set in lush forest surrounds, verdant rice fields and beautiful beaches. From the tourist town of Kuta to the surfer's paradise of Seminyak and the lush mountains of Ubud, Bali's cheap cost of living means tourists can live well for very little.

The traditional food of satay, 'gado gado' – a type of egg salad with peanut sauce – and Nasi Goreng is delicious. Regions such as Ubud boast traditional architecture, temples and art.

Take an eco-tour through the Balinese countryside from dormant volcanoes through to family compounds and temples to learn about the Balinese way of life. Or take a cooking class, visit the markets or simply kick back and enjoy your scenic surrounds.

Indonesia tours often include a trip to Lombok's Gili Islands. Comprised of three small islands, they're the perfect escape and boast many small resorts located directly on the beach. The islands are home to colourful coral reefs, a resident turtle population and a wide variety of marine life.

No cars or motorbikes are allowed on this stretch of paradise to help protect the local environment and wildlife. Instead, small ponies draw colourful carts around the islands as a means of transportation.

Access is via boat or sea plane and accommodation is available to suit all budgets. Activities include scuba diving and horse riding, while the Gili Islands are renowned as a popular party destination for young travellers.

Java's Jakarta is where the magic happens

Indonesia's capital Jakarta is located on the island of Java and is home to a predominantly Muslim population, though countless other religions are practised and openly tolerated in what is a vibrant and multicultural city.

Jakarta history comes alive in its numerous museums and important cultural institutions, with the city's puppet museum displaying traditional Wayung puppets. Similarly, the Indonesian Heritage Society and Museum Nasional house works and artefacts of national cultural significance.

What are you waiting for? Hop on a flight to Indonesia to discover a fascinating country of diverse landscapes and people.

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