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Travel vaccinations are an important part of your pre-travel planning. To help make finding the correct information easy, we have partnered with MASTA to create Flight Centre Travel Clinic, available at selected Flight Centre stores. 


Travel Vaccinations

When travelling overseas it’s important to consider your travel health; a crucial part of this is finding out what travel vaccinations you may need before you fly. Use the online tool here to see what is recommended / to be considered for your destination. We recommend making an appointment to see one of our expert travel health nurses 8-10 weeks prior to your trip to receive a personalised travel health risk assessment, during which you can receive the necessary vaccinations straight away. The most common destinations requiring preventative vaccinations include countries in Central and South America, Africa and Asia.

In addition to protecting yourself from certain viruses abroad, some countries actually require you to be immunised as a condition of entry. It’s a good idea to carry your proof of vaccination certificates; our nurses can provide you with a travel health passport. We always carry a full stock of travel vaccines so whether you are heading out on a gap year, embarking on your first safari, or have a last-minute business trip, you can rely on us for comprehensive advice and to provide everything you need. 

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To make travel vaccinations as easy and convenient as possible for you, we have partnered with the Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad (MASTA), which operates the largest network of private travel clinics in the UK. Our clinics are designed to provide you with a personalised travel medical consultation, at a time and location that suits you. 

At your Travel Clinic appointment you will receive:

  • A full travel medical consultation with personalised and accurate information
  • Relevant vaccinations and anti-malarials
  • Access to recommended travel health items available to purchase
  • A Flight Centre Travel Clinic / MASTA Travel Health Brief and Travel Health Passport 

With clinics open in London's Monument and Richmond, as well as Oxford City and Cheltenham, Flight Centre Travel Clinics offer great value and convenience, costing no more than private travel health vaccinations with your GP. 



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