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Flights to Tahiti


Two volcanic mountain ranges, in the shape of a turtle, the islands of Tahiti are the largest in French Polynesia. With black sand beaches and wild mountain waterfalls, Tahiti's a slightly different take on the South Pacific.

Tahiti is 2 of the 118 islands comprising French Polynesia – others in the archipelago include Bora Bora, Raiatea, Huahine and Moorea. This swathe of the Pacific is a honeymoon haven. Papeete is Tahiti's capital, tiny and slightly chaotic, with a busy market and harbour. Cruise and cargo ships and ocean-going yachts regularly sail in but flights arrive in Faa'a. English is understood in the main tourist areas but if you're going to stray from the holidaymakers' path, brush up on your French before visiting.

A 4-wheel drive mountain safari can take you across Tahiti via the Papenoo Valley, affording waterfall views and delightful scenery or maybe a horse ride to the heart of Secret Mountain sounds more appealing? Climing Mount Aorai (just more than 2,000 metres) can be done without a guide and if you want to feel even closer to the sky, the Astronomers' Society of Tahiti opens its observatory every Friday and Saturday night to star gaze. Naturally, there's a myriad of aquatic activities available and there's just lazing by the pool...

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Tahiti Airport (PPT)

Flights from Singapore to Tahiti will disembark at Faa'a International Airport.

Faa'a International Airport (PPT) in Papeete is the main gateway for travellers to the island of Tahiti, and the only international airport serving French Polynesia. The airport is comprised of a main terminal area and a separate terminal for Air Moorea domestic flights.

Airport Accommodation: There are a number of hotels located in close proximity to Faa'a International Airport. Book your Tahiti Airport accommodation.

Airlines that fly to Tahiti

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