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Flights to Colombia


Colombia rocks with the sound of salsa, its Amazonian jungle offers ancient secrets and this is one of the 7 South American countries the Andean peaks push their way up through.

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Flights from Singapore to Colombia will disembark at El Dorado International Airport (BOG).

Colombia is an equatorial country where Central and South America meet. The capital, Bogota, sits at the center of Colombia on a plain 2,600 meters above sea level in the Andes. Here you'll find a blend of European and North American influences on the culture, cuisine and architecture.

If you've got an architectural eye you may enjoy getting out of the capital to visit the world heritage-listed walled city of Cartagena, on the Caribbean Coast. In southwest Colombia, you'll see why the beautiful colonial houses of Popayan have earned this place the nickname 'White City'. Cali, the country's third-largest city, is mainly visited for entirely non-architectural reasons: salsa, street parties and clubbing.

Of course, there's the natural landscape that lures travellers too:

  • Amazonian treks, boat trips and pink dolphin-spotting in Amacayacu National Park are popular
  • The remote Caribbean island of Providencia is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with a barrier reef ideal for diving
  • Tayrona National Park on the Caribbean coast is home to monkeys, iguanas, jaguars, scores of species of birds and marine life
  • Los Nevados National park offers hiking around high altitude volcanic peaks
  • The Andes, the longest continental mountain range in the world, push up through Colombian territory too

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