If you’re looking to travel to a number of destinations, then we recommend booking a round the world flight. These airfares can cover multiple countries and are designed to be better value than booking individual city-to-city flights. Below are just a few examples of the type of round the world airfares we can book for you. For an itinerary that’s tailored to you, call one of our Round the World Airfare Experts today.

Round the World Airfares

About Round the World Flights

Do round the world tickets have to go all the way around the world?

Generally speaking, with most off-the-shelf tickets, the main rule is that you have to travel in one direction around the world. However, our Experts can tailor make any itinerary that you’d like to follow. When we do this we’ll also offer you recommendations on how you can save money on your airfares by switching destinations or swapping the order of your itinerary.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of stops?

There is no minimum, but there is a maximum of 15 stops on a standard round the world ticket. Some round the world tickets are priced according to the number of miles you fly, whilst others are based on the number of continents you visit. If you require more stops, our Experts can tailor make an airfare for you.

Can I make changes after I book the ticket, or after I leave the UK?

As travellers ourselves, we know that when organising a big trip, plans can change. Most round the world tickets are extremely flexible in terms of changing dates, or even destinations. Based on your type of trip, we’ll recommend a fare with the right level of flexibility for you.

What if I want to return in more than 12 months’ time?

We appreciate that round the world trips often take place over a long time and are booked well in advance (you get the best prices by booking early). With airline reservation systems only opening seats for booking around 11 months in advance, this can mean your onward or return flights appear not to be bookable. However, our Experts can help book your ticket even when the return dates are not available.

Can you book a round the world ticket in any class?

Yes, our Airfare Experts can book round the world flights in Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class, as well as tickets that allow partial upgrades to a different cabin for a different sector of travel.

I just want a round the world ticket for the best price, can you help?

Yes we can. In fact, by using our team of Airfare Experts, we’ll often be able to book you a cheaper airfare than those available online or direct with the airlines. We can do this by offering you airfares that use different airline alliances, or by creating bespoke tickets using a few different airline combinations. Start planning with our trip planner tool.

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