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Flights to Sweden


Sweden's blend of wilderness, silent Arctic spaces and achingly cool cities providing a warm welcome year-round makes this a fascinating place. Buring the midnight oil under a midnight sun is thrilling and winter has its own dark charms.

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Flights from Singapore to Sweden will disembark at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN).

The birthplace of the Nobel Peace Prize, Absolut vodka and IKEA, Sweden is so much more than ABBA and meatballs – it can invigorate, delight and soothe. It has the cosmopolitan trappings: flash clubs, top-notch restaurants and creative hubs for fashion, music and attractive but functional design. Almost one-fifth of its population of more than 9 million have roots elsewhere, so it has an open, multicultural society. Education is largely free and unemployment is low. Cycling routes often cut through fields topped with ship-shaped stone graves and Sweden's Viking past is well-illustrated in Stockholm's Museum of National Antiquities. But there's something else about the place too...

Life pours into the outdoors in spring and summer. Wilderness hikes and feeling the joy of the midnight sun are part of the other side of Sweden's allure. Then there's watching the aurora borealis in awe; out-of-the-way towns and the welcome of a stranger during the long winters; candle-lit windows glimmering in the night, tucking in to pea soup and pancakes with lingonberry sauce.

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