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Your 2022 Travel Horoscope
You know travel is on the horizon. You can feel it getting closer. But where to go? Well, why not let the stars guide you through 2022 and beyond? You can’t argue with... Read More »
6 of the Best Beaches in Phuket
Nothing says Phuket like a beautiful beach. And as the largest island in Thailand, the Pearl of the Andaman has its fair share. But with so many to choose from, where do... Read More »
Need to Know: Travelling to Thailand During COVID-19
At Flight Centre, we love all things travel. But even we know that right now, exploring the world can be a bit of a challenge as we navigate different rules and... Read More »
The World’s Best Pancakes
It’s that time of year again: the last Tuesday before Lent, Shrove Tuesday, aka, Pancake Day. All across the country, families will be whipping up batches of pancakes... Read More »
Thailand Travel Advice from a Local
At Flight Centre, we love getting under the skin of a destination and seeing it from a local's perspective. So much so that we've partnered with Buffalo Tours,... Read More »
Why Thailand is One of the Best Places to Visit During COVID-19
We can’t wait to get back to the Land of Smiles again and, with restrictions gradually being relaxed, 2021 holidays to Thailand are well and truly on the cards.... Read More »
Video Blog: Why We Love Thailand
There’s a reason Thailand is the most-visited country in Southeast Asia. City, jungle and beach: what more could you want from a holiday destination? Immerse yourself... Read More »
Why You Should Dive in Koh Tao, Thailand
With its wonderfully warm waters, colourful coral reefs and laid-back vibe, Koh Tao, an island on the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand, is an amazing location... Read More »
5 Perfect Winter Holiday Destinations
Dreaming about escaping the rain and cold for somewhere warm and sunny? Look no further than our selection of the top destinations for the perfect winter... Read More »
Four Hidden Gems in Thailand
We all know that Thailand is a dream destination with perfect beaches, clear seas, limestone peaks and some exciting hustle in the streets of Bangkok. Areas such as... Read More »
Discovering Northern Thailand
Thailand is undoubtedly famed for the beautiful islands and beaches found in the Southern reaches of the country, alongside the vibrancy and religious grandeur of... Read More »
A Two-Week Thailand Itinerary for First Timers
After multiple holidays to Australia, the USA, and across Europe, my partner and I were left with the conundrum of taking a two-week holiday to somewhere that would... Read More »
The Ultimate Way to Explore Thailand in Two Weeks
Thailand may not seem that big on the map – especially when compared to the likes of the USA and Australia – but it’s undoubtedly a cultural behemoth. There’s so... Read More »
Food around the World: What to Eat Where
**WARNING: THIS BLOG POST HAS BEEN KNOWN TO CAUSE SEVERE HUNGER** When you go on holiday, chances are you’ll have heard all about your destination’s best... Read More »
4 of the Most Responsible Wildlife Experiences in Thailand
There’s far more to Thailand than picture-perfect beaches, ancient temples and outrageously cheap booze. This coastal nation is home to a diverse range of ecosystems... Read More »
Solo Travel: A Group Adventure in Vietnam and Cambodia
Ali Cairns heads to Southeast Asia for a much-needed break from reality... I have always loved travelling. But since backpacking in my twenties, I’ve been pretty... Read More »
10 Best Places to Escape the Winter Blues
We all know that winter in the UK can be a bit of a depressing time of year. The fanfare of the festive season is over, the weather is miserable and the dread of another... Read More »
5 of the Best Things I Ate in Thailand
When I found out I was going to Thailand, it goes without saying that I was excited about visiting the beautiful temples, soaking up a new culture and touring the... Read More »
The Bluffer's Guide to Thailand's Islands
Love the idea of an island adventure in Thailand, but not sure where to start? Here’s all you need to know about Thailand’s 10 best isles – for beach lovers,... Read More »
The Best Places to Stay in Thailand
Limestone karsts, crystal-clear waters and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world; Thailand has all the ingredients you need for a paradisiacal retreat. Couple... Read More »
The Best Hotel Spas on the Planet
Everyone deserves to be spoilt, to be pampered and to indulge in a bit of ‘me time’. Well what if you could enjoy all of that whilst staying in some of the most... Read More »
The Most Beautiful Beaches in the World
On 8th June every year, we mark World Oceans Day, a day of celebration and awareness for the world’s oceans and the adverse effects humanity and our planet... Read More »
How to Spend 48 Hours in Bangkok
Busy and chaotic at times, Bangkok has been in the top three most visited cities in the world for most of the last decade. With lavish temples, busy street markets... Read More »
A Guide to Bangkok Nightlife
Renowned as being one of the most visited cities in the whole of Asia, holidaying in Bangkok not only promises a rich cultural history but also, without doubt, one of... Read More »
How to Save Money in Thailand
As one of Southeast Asia’s top destinations – offering breathtaking sights and a fascinating culture throughout – Thailand features on many a bucket... Read More »
What It's Like to Stay at Elephant Hills in Thailand
It’s Friday night in Thailand. In Bangkok the streets are filled with music as tourists and locals swarm the colourful night markets. In Phuket it’s equally bustling... Read More »
Things to Do in Phuket
White sandy beaches? Check. Impossibly blue seas? Check. Just an hour away from one of the most iconic islands in the world? Check. Welcome to Phuket. Also known as the... Read More »
How to Go Big in Bangkok
Bangkok. From colonial architecture to rooftop bars and foodie delights, this Southeast Asia stopover destination – with its head-whirling mix of old and new – has... Read More »
Jungle Trekking in Khao Sok, Thailand
It was when I was sliding through mud, into a cave filled with bats and spiders, that I began to wonder if I should have thought twice about embarking on a jungle trek.... Read More »
An Interview with Travel Bloggers Getting Stamped
We've all dreamed of quitting the daily grind to travel the world. Well, Hannah and Adam of the travel blog Getting Stamped actually did it. While their story is... Read More »
5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Travelling Southeast Asia
"If there’s one place you have to go, it’s Southeast Asia." That’s what my friend told me, and never being one to turn down friendly advice, I packed my bags and... Read More »
The Best Value Holiday Destinations to Book Now
There may be a cloud hanging over Europe at the moment (physically and metaphorically speaking) but the rest of the world is still offering some fantastic holiday... Read More »
Top 3 Luxury Safari Lodges Around the World
Getting up close and personal with nature whilst on holiday can be one of the best experiences in the world, and one you will never forget. Having spied gorillas in... Read More »
What I Learnt While Travelling the World
In June 2015, my sister Suzannah and I (Clara) packed up our London flat, said farewell to our family, friends and jobs and headed off on our round the world trip – in... Read More »
12 Films that Will Inspire You to Travel
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve finished watching a film and, when the credits start rolling, thought ‘wow, I want to go there’. As a self-confessed... Read More »
The Day I Fell in Love with Kanchanaburi
When an itinerary promises sun, sea, sand and all the food you can eat, the level of excitement and expectation is set to maximum. And, when the destination is Thailand,... Read More »
The Best Eats in Chiang Mai
Thailand’s Chiang Mai stirs visions of green national parks, wildlife encounters and aerial adventures through the rainforest. But it wasn’t until I arrived that I... Read More »
Where to Dine Like a Local in Bangkok
There’s more to Thai food than creamy curries and spring rolls, but with more than 50 districts sprawling over 930 square miles and a plethora of budget boltholes... Read More »
Exploring Thailand's Wild West
When I left for Asia, backpack and boyfriend in tow, I was determined to see more of Thailand than the well-travelled routes. I would visit them too of course, I... Read More »
Dream Travel Jobs: Suzy from Beach Escapes
Most people dream of travelling the world for a living. And we admit it: at Flight Centre we’re pretty lucky in that, if we’re not busy travelling for work, we’re... Read More »
Thailand's Best Festivals throughout the Year
Thailand is an incredible country any day of the year but, if you want to see this Southeast Asian gem at it’s most vibrant, plan your holiday so it coincides... Read More »
Instatravellers: the Photographic Flight Attendant
As a flight attendant, Katrin Tochtermann travels all over the globe while the furthest most of us travel is to the printer and back. Her beautiful Instagram is full... Read More »
The Best Diving Spots in Southeast Asia
Beneath the turquoise waters and glittering waves of Southeast Asia’s oceans lies an otherworldly ecosystem teeming with kaleidoscopic fish and technicolour corals,... Read More »
Veg Out: The 10 Best Cities for Vegans and Vegetarians
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogAt the global dinner table, there are just some places a meat avoider should, ahem, avoid, reckons... Read More »
Ultimate Honeymoon Hideaways
Looking for the ultimate beach-side honeymoon? Look no further – here are our top suggestions for a relaxing and peaceful stay in the world’s most beautiful beach... Read More »
Getting More Bang for your Buck: The Best Currencies Right Now
On a budget? Travel doesn’t always have to break the bank. One way to cut your holiday costs – if you’re not fussy about your destination, that is – is to let... Read More »
The Most Luxurious Places to Stay in Thailand
When it comes to luxury in Southeast Asia, Thailand hotels are where it’s at. There’s no shortage of rustic décor, postcard-perfect beaches, technicolour sunsets... Read More »
48 Hours in Chiang Mai
Well on its way to becoming as popular as the islands, Chiang Mai is Thailand's perfect chill-out stop for travellers looking to escape the chaos of Bangkok. With... Read More »
7 Reasons Why You Have to Visit Pai
Pai, once the sleepy playground of hippies and hardcore travellers, is now firmly on the tourist route in Thailand. A 4.5-hour drive north of Chiang Mai (be warned, the... Read More »
A Blogger's Guide to Packing for Thailand
A bikini for the beach, hiking boots for the jungle and a good bag for the city. Thailand is a country that offers everything, so when it comes to packing you may need... Read More »
Phuket's Magnificent Underwater World
This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia's blogJust few hundred metres offshore, there are some magnificent underwater worlds to explore in Phuket. It... Read More »
@GirlEatWorld: Meeting the Instagrammer Behind the Camera
Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become so much more than Valencia selfies or X-Pro II cats. Beautifully shot images of fashion, travel, and of course food,... Read More »
9 of the Most Luxurious Hotels in the World
Dreaming of the perfect getaway? You've come to the right place. At First and Business, we have scoured the world to recommend the very best luxury hotel properties... Read More »
Rising Above: The Best Rooftop Bars in Bangkok
Bangkok throws up a heady hodgepodge of adjectives: it’s amazing, bizarre, wonderful and impressive all at once. The entire city is awash with life, day and night, in... Read More »
In Focus: Bangkok, Thailand
Here I am, clinging to the back of a motorbike taxi as my smiling driver cuts through the honking traffic and shoots through the parking bay of an office block to skim a... Read More »
Destinaton: Winter Sun - Top 10 Escapes
The following extract is taken from Flight Centre magazine The Experts, with photos as credited. As you reluctantly emerge from your duvet on a dark and chilly... Read More »
5 Top Things to do in Bangkok
Top Things to do in BangkokEven if you're short on time and only stopping by this vibrant capital city for a day, that doesn’t mean you can’t sample a flavour of... Read More »
Why Thailand is a Traveller’s Paradise…and how we can keep it that way
I fell in love with Thailand on the island of Koh Lanta. In many ways this was the perfect island in which to see the two different sides of travel in Thailand.As we got... Read More »
The Best Beaches in Phuket
With an international airport, access to numerous tropical islands in the Andaman Sea and plenty to offer in its own right, Phuket continues to be an essential stop for... Read More »
5 Must Try Experiences in Bangkok
Bangkok is a bustling metropolis and the capital of Thailand. It captivates the attention of many travellers and is now the most visited city in the world by... Read More »
A guide to Thai street food
Thai food has to be some of the best food on the planet. From banana pancakes to creamy curries, garlic noodles and sweet treats, Thailand has a delicious range of tasty... Read More »
Interview: Adventurous family travel in Thailand
Here at Flight Centre we meet so many interesting people who have incredible adventures all over the world and we thought it was time to start sharing their experiences.... Read More »
Chiang Mai
Cooking in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is one of those places where everyone seems to do a course. Whether it's yoga, massage, Thai boxing or cooking there are loads on offer so you could easily... Read More »
How to Avoid the Crowds on Two of Thailand’s Most Popular Islands
Travel writer, Kirsty Stuart, shares her advice on how to avoid the crowds in Thailand and discover a quieter side to island life on Koh Samui and Koh Pha... Read More »
Scuba Diving on Phi Phi and Koh Tao
When it comes to the underwater world, Thailand is blessed with some amazing dive sites. The mix of warm waters, great value and heaps of marine life have made The Land... Read More »
Our 5 favourites in Asia
The 3-day Asia sale has begun! Book by 16 May and SAVE up to 50% on flights, holidays, adventure tours and hotels.Exotic, mysterious, charming, beautiful, chaotic or... Read More »
The Best Thai Beaches
We thought we'd share some stunning Thai beaches to get you in the mood and give you some inspiration for a trip to Thailand.Thailand is famous for it's... Read More »
Visiting Thailand? Why You Can't Miss Chiang Mai
Travel writer Kirsty Stuart shares her love for Chiang Mai and explains why you can't miss it on your trip to Thailand.If you’re planning a trip to Thailand then... Read More »
Heaven in Hua Hin
Looking to plan that one last summer getaway before winter sets in? If you’re looking for a value for money beach break, Sophie Williams says Hua Hin in Thailand is... Read More »
A relaxing yoga retreat in Thailand
Have you ever felt like you could use a holiday to get over your holiday? Travel junkie Monica Stott, who is one of our social media specialists and blogs over on The... Read More »
4 minutes in Asia
Earlier this year, adventure addicts Barry and Laura quit their jobs and booked a round the world trip. With no firm end point in mind, they set off for South East Asia,... Read More »
Bangkok-Bound: 5 ways to make the most of the city
Whether heading there on a city break or passing through on the way to the Thai Islands; this guide by travel writer Candace Rardon will help you make the most of your... Read More »
Video of the week: HD Timelapse South East Asia
In the past we have featured some of our favourite timelapse videos we have stumbled across on Vimeo on this blog, including 24 Hours of Neon by Philip Bloom.... Read More »
My Epic Thailand Holiday - report from a Trav Tweet Up Winner
Back in June Nicola Hughes followed our first twitter event, Trav Tweet Up, online from her home in Manchester. Her comedy tweet pic , shown below, won her the grand... Read More »
Snorkels and Scooters in Samui: A Photo Essay Part 2
After seeing the sights of Bangkok and eating her way around the night markets of Chang Mai, Flight Centre UK's Artworks Team Leader, Caren Johnstone, headed to Ko Samui... Read More »
Starting a Round the World Adventure in Thailand
   Flight Centre consultant Holly Keeble started her Round the World trip in Thailand. After getting used to the heat and crazy traffic in Bangkok she was... Read More »
The Phuket Low-down
Todays guest blogger Connie Hum has spent the last couple of years travelling around Asia and currently resides in Hong Kong. Thailand is an attractive holiday... Read More »
Surprising Bangkok and Charming Chang Mai: A Photo Essay - Part 1
Flight Centre UK's very own Artworks Team Leader, Caren Johnstone, recently returned from an enchanting holiday in Thailand. In this post she talks us through her... Read More »