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Why Visit Queensland's Atherton Tablelands

The eye-wateringly beautiful Atherton Tablelands may not get the same attention as its world-famous neighbours – the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest – but trust us, it's a destination that really shouldn't be missed on your Queensland holiday. Here we look at the reasons why you should visit the Tablelands:

Why visit the Atherton Tablelands?

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The Atherton Tablelands

Located an hour and a half south-west of Cairns by car, the Atherton Tablelands are a scenic part of the Great Dividing Range in Queensland, Australia. The climate is temperate and, therefore, more comfortable, free of the humidity that is present in coastal areas, and suitable for visitation year round.

The Tablelands are also blessed with extraordinary natural riches, from waterfalls to ancient rainforest through to an array of endemic wildlife. You could spend weeks immersing yourself in the wonders and gourmet delights available in this area, however this article will highlight seven of the strongest reasons to make the Atherton Tablelands part of your Australian holiday itinerary.

World Heritage-listed rainforest walks

The ancient rainforest reserves here sprawl across the landscape of the Atherton Tablelands, which is why bushwalking (hiking to you and I) underneath this unique rainforest canopy is the first of my seven reasons to visit.

Wits its plethora of beautiful, UNESCO-listed, tropical mountain landscapes you are truly spoilt for choice. However, the most iconic of the rainforest walks are through the Wooroonooran National Park. This patch of paradise has it all – think crystal-clear babbling brooks, populated with calm swimming pools, forested vistas from atop easily scalable summits, and cascading waterfalls (more on that later). Unmissable spots include: Babinda Boulders, a serene swimming hole; Johnston River Lookout walk; and Mamu Tropical Skywalk.

If the Wooroonooran National Park has suitably whetted your appetite for natural delights then journey over to Crater Lakes National Park. Here, the vast, tranquil crater lakes – Barrine and Eacham – can be found nestled within lush rainforest. Surrounding the lakes are bushwalking trails, shaded by giant bull kauri pine trees and perfect for a leisurely stroll. Swimming, birdwatching and canoeing are also great activities in this recreational area.

Incredible wildlife (tree kangaroos, platypus and bandicoot)

If the thought of kangaroos that live up trees doesn’t ignite your intrigue it’s likely that nothing ever will. However, before your imagination runs away with itself – conjuring up thoughts of six-foot-tall marsupials, bounding from branch to branch – it’s worth noting that these kangaroos are smaller, and more adapted to treetop living, than their land-dwelling cousins. Most importantly, though, they are far more adorable. Head to Mount Hypipamee National Park for your best chance of seeing one.    

The platypus – featured on the reverse of a 20 cent coin – is as archetypally Australian as wombats, vegemite and shrimps on barbies. Head to Atherton Platypus Park to catch a glimpse of the antipodean icon.     

Whilst most nineties kids, and their parents, will associate the bandicoot with a popular video game franchise, the rest of the population will be aware that the bandicoot is actually an endearing rat-sized marsupial. Keep your eyes fixed to the ground if you hope to catch a glimpse of one, as they can often be seen foraging along the forest floor.  

Delicious drinks (coffee and gin)

The Atherton Tablelands is one of Australia’s two major coffee-growing regions – in fact, caffeine lovers that wax lyrical about the Melbourne café culture and the brews available there are actually sampling Arabica blends grown in the Tablelands. Visit the family owned Skybury Coffee Plantation for some samples and bean-grounding education, direct from the producers themselves.

If you like your tipples to be a tad stronger then you’re in luck, the Mount Uncle Distillery is Queensland’s first and only distillery and it produces gins from botanicals provided by local farm lands.

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The Waterfall Circuit

A picture paints a thousand words, so let me quickly paint 5,000 words that will out-do any superlatives that I could use to convince you that the Waterfall Circuit is one of the best reasons to visit the Atherton Tablelands...

Zillie Falls

...Specifically, Millaa Millaa Falls

Purely on looks alone, this waterfall warrants its own spot in the list of reasons to visit the Atherton Tablelands. An 18-metre-high cascade of water carves a beautiful pool out of the surrounding rock face which opens up the surrounding tropical foliage.

However, this is not the only reason that Millaa Millaa Falls is so special. The waterfall has been made famous in popular culture by Peter Andre, who filmed his infamous ‘Mysterious Girl’ video here, and Herbal Essences, who filmed their ‘hair flick’ commercial with this waterfall as the backdrop.

Written by Joe Stevens

I work in the online marketing department at Flight Centre and am passionate about inspiring others to take the leap to travel. I love exploring the natural world - whether it’s under the waves, up mountain peaks or down in the dirt!

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