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Your 2022 Travel Horoscope
You know travel is on the horizon. You can feel it getting closer. But where to go? Well, why not let the stars guide you through 2022 and beyond? You can’t argue with... Read More »
9 of the Best Fireworks Displays in the World
It's that time of year again – the day of winter thermals, wellies, fairground rides, food truck burgers and of course: SPARKLERS. Yup, you guessed it: it's Bonfire... Read More »
6 of the Best Wildlife Experiences on the Planet
We don’t call ourselves Travel Experts for nothing at Flight Centre! Our teams have travelled all over the world, experiencing different cultures, cuisines and... Read More »
6 Breathtaking Places to Practise Yoga in India
India is the land that birthed the more than 5,000 year old spiritual practice of yoga as we know it today. It has become a global phenomenon with around 300 million... Read More »
9 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went to India
India is an incredible country – but a bewildering, daunting one too. Will you get Delhi belly?  What to wear? How much to budget? This guide will help you... Read More »
Perfect Match: Attending an Indian Wedding
The ultimate celebration of love, a wedding can also show a country’s true cultural colours. Sophie Ibbotson loses her heart to India on a unique adventure...I could... Read More »
10 Christmas Traditions from Around the World
Not long 'til Christmas now, and you'll soon be enjoying your mince pies and mulled wine while feeling suitably stuffed from far too much turkey. But as you set... Read More »
10 Best Places to Escape the Winter Blues
We all know that winter in the UK can be a bit of a depressing time of year. The fanfare of the festive season is over, the weather is miserable and the dread of another... Read More »
How to See Tigers in India
If you’re a fan of the Jungle Book movie, you’ve probably already fantasised about visiting the jungles of India and spotting a tiger in the wild. Well, as someone... Read More »
10 Things I Learned Travelling as a Woman in India
A couple of years ago I found myself on a trip to India. A trip that involved driving 3,000 miles around the southern states of the sub continent, jail-time and many an... Read More »
4 New UNESCO-listed Destinations to Visit
UNESCO has been protecting areas of significant value to the planet’s heritage, culture and freedom of expression since 1945. The Taj Mahal, the Great Barrier Reef and... Read More »
An Interview with Travel Bloggers Getting Stamped
We've all dreamed of quitting the daily grind to travel the world. Well, Hannah and Adam of the travel blog Getting Stamped actually did it. While their story is... Read More »
12 Films that Will Inspire You to Travel
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve finished watching a film and, when the credits start rolling, thought ‘wow, I want to go there’. As a self-confessed... Read More »
South America
Why You Should Tour South America with G Adventures
Everyone knows it but not everyone likes to admit it: travel can sometimes be a bit daunting. Of course, exploring Panama, tramping Peru’s Inca Trail or venturing into... Read More »
8 Things to Know Before You Go to India
I recently spent 11 days in India. That's 11 days of pulsating streets, tranquil jungles, vibrant colours and my eyes wide open with fascination. It was my first visit... Read More »
7 Tips for Travelling the Golden Triangle
If you’ve never been to India, you really should. And if it’s your first time to India, you really should visit, as I did, via the Golden Triangle.The Golden... Read More »
Where to Find the Best Coffee in Delhi
India is all about chai, not coffee. A difficult fact to stomach when you’re used to hefty caffeine kicks on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, those... Read More »
Intoxicating India: A Journey for the Soul
Flight Centre Travel Expert Natasha Brown has just returned from a tailor-made trip to India. Here, she tells us all about her incredible... Read More »
10 Best Benches Around the World
When you’re discovering a new country, it’s easy to find yourself rushing through a whirlwind checklist. But, there is nothing better than having a moment to... Read More »
12 Photos That Make Us Want to Go to India
As a travel photographer, Christopher Atkinson, aka Ascending Aperture, looks at each new city, jungle, or village with a completely different perspective... Read More »
@GirlEatWorld: Meeting the Instagrammer Behind the Camera
Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become so much more than Valencia selfies or X-Pro II cats. Beautifully shot images of fashion, travel, and of course food,... Read More »
The Crazy World of Delhi
Seasoned traveller, Jen Lowthrop, reveals some of the best things to do in the crazy city that is Delhi.India has everything but to the untrained eye can be seen as busy... Read More »
Our 5 favourites in Asia
The 3-day Asia sale has begun! Book by 16 May and SAVE up to 50% on flights, holidays, adventure tours and hotels.Exotic, mysterious, charming, beautiful, chaotic or... Read More »
Top 7 things to do in Delhi
Delhi is often the first stop for travellers visiting India and, I’m not going to lie, it is a real shock to the senses in every way possible. You’re thrown right in... Read More »
Visiting the Taj Mahal
Visiting the Taj Mahal has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I've always been entranced by the massive domes, the curved archways and the way the sun... Read More »
Further Bound: A little house in Goa
Travel blogger Hannah and her boyfriend Lee (who could once be found at the Hove Flight Centre branch) have recently embarked on an inspirational round the world trip.... Read More »
Our G Adventures Golden Triangle Tour – the Not-So-Good, and What to Do About It
In the final installment of this series from the winner of our G Adventures blogging contest, Jenna describes some of the lows you may experience in India and shares her... Read More »
Golden Triangle
Our G Adventures Golden Triangle Tour – the Good…
Jenna continues sharing her impressions from her G Adventures tour of India.“Namaste,” he said, pressing his palms together in front of his heart, fingertips pointed... Read More »
What You Need to Know About a Tour through India's Golden Triangle
Last year Jenna won our blogging contest in association with G Adventures and secured a place on a tour of India's Golden Triangle. Now she is back and will be... Read More »
Announcing the runner ups of our G Adventures Blogging Contest
  We had an overwhelming response to our first ever blogging contest which we launched last month. There are many talented writers out there so thank you to... Read More »
India: love it or hate it?
 Flight Centre consultant Sally McCutchion was tempted by the colours and culture of India as depicted by an On the Go India brochure. After booking a last minute... Read More »
Interview with Sarah Tucker: Author of ‘Have baby will travel’
In the first of our interview series, Travel Experts, we speak to travel journalist and mother Sarah Tucker who shares her experience of travelling with children.Sarah... Read More »