20 Reasons to Go on an Adventure

04 Nov 2015

In the Oxford Dictionary ‘adventure’ is defined as ‘an unusual and exciting or daring experience’.  And it’s these three words that can sometimes make the more nervous among us apprehensive when it comes to pushing the boundaries in the name of travel. But, we don’t think you should be so scared. In fact, we can give you 20 reasons to go on an adventure. Right now. 

  1. From sand dunes, to jungles, to savannahs, by going on an adventure you’ll truly immerse yourself in a country’s unique surroundings.
  2. Your memories will be more memorable! You’re bound to remember that incredible hike more than that afternoon of sunbathing.
  3. You can make everyone jealous of your experiences. Everyone. Even if they won’t admit it.
  4. You’ll encounter rare wildlife by going into the hidden places that only knowledgeable guides know about.
  5. Just think of that cool profile picture. Yeah, it’s better than all of your friend's and follower's profile pictures.
  6. You get to explore a place from a unique viewpoint, whether it’s from above on a helicopter ride or down below within the depths of a canyon.
  7. You’ll teach yourself to say ‘yes’ more. Life’s too short and all that.
  8. Adventure builds your confidence. Don’t think you can do that paraglide? Do it and you’ll be able to do anything.
  9. Travel is all about trying something new. Adventure sure makes you do this.
  10. Form a closer bond with friends and family. Nothing builds trust like having to paddle a kayak in unison.
  11. You get to be one of the few tourists who sees the more authentic side of the country.

  12. You’ll add a whole lot history to your brain box. Travel with a guide and you’ll know more about the Mayan culture of Central America than your own family tree.

  13. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness” – Mark Twain was definitely talking about adventure.

  14. You’ll tick more things off your bucket list than your Amazon Wish List.

  15. Adventure makes your daily woes seem insignificant. Who can fret over an upcoming phone bill when the Grand Canyon is right in front of you?

  16. Adventure makes you appreciate the world. We all know that the earth is amazing, but by going on an adventure you’ll find the true world wonders, known and unknown.

  17. Rehearse this line: ‘Oh, that reminds of that time when I…’

  18. You get to be the smuggest person in the room when a travel documentary about the country you’ve explored is on TV.

  19. You can bring back the most unique souvenirs and look like a travel master at Christmas. Knitted socks? How about an authentic Andean-Peruvian poncho made from hand-spun alpaca wool instead.

20. After hiking Machu Picchu, no one will be able to judge you for spending a Sunday on the couch with a packet of Monster Munch and a marathon of Millionaire Matchmaker. NO ONE!

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