10 Best Benches Around the World

October 14, 2015 by Helen Winter

When you’re discovering a new country, it’s easy to find yourself rushing through a whirlwind checklist. But, there is nothing better than having a moment to yourself to really take in the amazing sights you’ve seen, people you’ve met, and all of those incredible experiences you’ve had. Especially, if the view is as good as these.

So relax, take a seat and awe at these well-placed benches.

Vancouver, Canada

Sea walk at the Kitsilano Beach Park at Downtown of Vancouver, Canada_shutterstock_158669972-RS

Welcome to Canada, welcome to mountains. Along the Kitsilano Beach Park in Downtown Vancouver, you’ll find the perfect perch with an impressive outlook.

New York, USA


In a city as busy as New York, it’s worth taking the subway out of town to get a view of the Manhattan skyline. Take-out coffee is optional.

Los Angeles, USA

Hermosa Park LA-RS

On the other side of the States is this up-close vista of Los Angeles. Take a stroll through Vista Hermosa Natural Park, slip on some sunglasses and pretend that you’re a movie star on a well-deserved, extra-long lunch break.

Nagasaki, Japan


A corner of Japan that is usually left in the shadows of Tokyo and Kyoto, Nagasaki’s mountainous location makes for one impressive seating arrangement.

Agra, India

Woman in red scarf sitting on the bench in the shadow and looking at Taj Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India-RS

What else can we say? It’s the Taj Mahal! Make sure you wake up early to beat the crowds so you can take in the silence as the sunrises.

Sydney, Australia

sydney bench - Copy

Where better to soak up the Aussie sun than with a view as amazing as this? Fish and chips are a popular choice of takeaway to enjoy while you absorb this mesmerising panorama.

Austrian Alps, Austria

Bench with view over the winter Alps - Copy

Closer to home are the Austrian Alps. You’ll need to be a pretty adventurous hiker to observe this exact scene, but if you’re not keen on the cold this secluded bench is just as beautiful in the summer.

Jasper National Park, Canada

View of floating pier with bench and reflection of Pyramid mountain in Pyramid Lake in Jasper National Park, Canada, UNESCO World Heritage site-RS

Stay as still as Jasper’s Pyramid Lake from this bench on a floating pier. Take some binoculars to spot the wildlife stopping by for a drink.

Tennessee, USA

Benches and views of the Appalachian Mountains from Bald Mountain Ridge scenic overlook along I-26 in Tennessee.-RS

The ultimate view to share with friends and family. These communal benches overlook the Appalachian Mountains from the Bald Mountain Ridge in Tennessee.

Seychelles, Indian Ocean


We couldn’t list the best benches in the world without mentioning the Seychelles. Sitting on top of a hill on the Mahe Island, you’ll be able to see the clear blue waters for miles.


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