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Alberta Children's Hospital, Foothills Hospital, Peter Lougheed Hospital, and Rocky View Hospital all have emergency rooms. Super Drug Mart is open daily until midnight.

Emergency Services

Ambulance, fire 911.

Police 911 or 403/266-1234.

Poison centre 403/670-1414.


Alberta Children's Hospital 1820 Richmond Rd. SW, Knob Hill, Calgary, AB. 403/229-7211.

Foothills Hospital 1403 29th St. NW, St. Andrews Heights, Calgary, AB. 403/670-1110.

Peter Lougheed Hospital 3500 26th Ave. NE, Sunridge Business Park, Calgary, AB. 403/291-8555.

Rocky View Hospital 7007 14th St. SW, Eagle Ridge, Calgary, AB. 403/541-3000.

Late-Night Pharmacy

Super Drug Mart 504 Elbow Dr. SW, Mission, Calgary, AB. 403/228-3338.