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Great Barrier Reef aerial, TA

The Friends You Make, Make You...

We get it. It's been a mad year for us Brits. And, when you're feeling in need of a pick-me-up, there's nothing better than knowing you can turn to a good friend for comfort... which is where our 'mates' Down Under come in. Whether it's in sport, TV or driving on the right (left) side of the road, Australia (and its wonderful people) has always been there for us. So if you need a change of scenery (and to escape the dreary English weather) why not embark on a holiday to Australia? Take the outstretched hand of Aussie 'mateship' and head south in search of epic wildlife, weather, landscapes and, best of all, banter. Come live the Australian 'philausophy' – chat to a lovely Flight Centre Travel Consultant about tailor-making your trip to Oz!

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