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Flights to Denmark


Beyond Denmark's finely-designed capital, Copenhagen, there are 406 islands to explore, of which only 70 are populated. There's also the further-flung Danish territories with autonomous rule: the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

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Flights from Singapore to Denmark will disembark at Copenhagen Airport (CPH).

Once the seat of Viking raiders, the Danes are proud of their history and also have a fondness for their monarchy which dates back more than 1000 years. An Australian – now Crown Princess Mary – marrying into the Danish royal family has piqued more interest in this Scandanavian destination. Denmark is the birthplace of Lego and Carlsberg beer; unemployment is low, education is free and the Danes are reknowned to be a happy lot.

With a 7,314 kilometre coastline, you're never far from the water but almost 40 per cent of the population live on one of Denmark's 406 islands: Zealand. Copenhagen is the suave capital of cool. Its understated but beautiful approach to furniture, fashion, architecture and graphic design make this a very attractive place to be. Add excellent transport, helpful locals and many Michelin-starred restaurants and you might stay longer than planned.

Two noteworthy sites accessible on day trips from the capital are near Roskilde – the Viking ship museum and the Lejre Experimental Centre. If you're keen to see more of the country, hiring a car and touring the Margueritruten is recommended. This is a 3,500 kilometre scenic route passing 100 Danish attractions, marked by brown signs with a white daisy.

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