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Dec 23 2014

Our Favourite Destinations for 2015

Elle Croft

Remember our favourite destinations for 2014? We still love those cities, but of course, 2015 will bring a brand new year of travel and even more favourites to add to our list. So if you’re hoping to see some more of the world next … Continue reading

Dec 22 2014

The Historical Landmarks of Cuba

Flight Centre UK

Cuba is a country that has been looked upon in awe and mystery. The city’s streets appear as though they’ve been preserved in a time capsule, with classic cars, and lively musicians around every corner. But this country may soon be facing a drastic transition as … Continue reading

Dec 18 2014

The Icons of San Francisco

Elle Croft

San Francisco is one of the most iconic cities in the USA, but what does it have to offer visitors, apart from a rather pretty red bridge? This infamous city will keep visitors entertained within the hilly city limits, but there are some iconic … Continue reading

Dec 8 2014

Arts And Culture In Miami

Jayne Gorman

When you think of Miami your mind may wander to white sand beaches, glitzy nightlife and ‘Ocean Drive’ as sung by The Lighthouse People. Take a closer look, however, and you’ll find arts and culture in Miami that can add a totally different perspective to … Continue reading

Dec 4 2014

Top 5 Adrenaline Activities in New Zealand

Jayne Gorman

There is something about visiting the adventure sport hotspot of New Zealand that makes usually sedate travellers say ‘why not’ to leaping out of a plane and other such hair-raising activities. So in order to prepare the unsuspecting visitor for what they have in … Continue reading

Dec 1 2014

Why Fiji is the perfect stopover destination

Elle Croft

A series of seemingly tiny little dots in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji will leave a big impact on visitors as they explore all that the country’s 330+ islands have to offer. It’s certainly a destination in its own right, but it’s also a … Continue reading

Nov 27 2014

The best beaches in Queensland


There are hundreds of beaches along the gorgeous coast of Queensland and nearly all of them are picture-perfect. Some are even considered to be the best beaches in the world as they’re home to soft golden sands, clear seas, hidden bays, crashing waves or … Continue reading

Nov 24 2014

Weird Christmas traditions around the world


Every family has their own traditions when it comes to Christmas. Some like turkey while others like goose. Some leave carrots for the reindeers and some leave mince pies for Santa. Some rip open their gifts first thing in the morning while others wait … Continue reading

Nov 22 2014

10 reasons to love Barbados

Flight Centre UK

What’s not to love about Barbados? As far as Nadine Stewart is concerned,  there’s so much to this beautiful island that it’s hard to narrow down just ten things. And with Barbados in her blood, we don’t blame her! Here Nadine shares her top ten Barbadian … Continue reading

Nov 20 2014

17 reasons why you should visit South Africa

Elle Croft

South Africa is one of those countries that is, for now, relatively unknown as a tourist destination. The World Cup in 2010 served as its international début and since then more and more visitors have started exploring this vast and beautiful country. If you’re wondering … Continue reading