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May 29 2015

The Dubai Stopover Guide

Flight Centre UK

If you rise early to wander the streets of Dubai’s old quarter, Bastakiya, with its perfectly preserved merchants’ houses and minarets launching the distant calls of imams, or mix with crowds of locals in their white kandura robes, you could almost imagine you’ve stepped … Continue reading

May 28 2015

9 of the Best Burger Joints in the USA

Alexandra Gregg

28th May is International Hamburger Day! To mark the USA event, we’ve scoured this great North American nation in search of its best burger offering. Let’s be honest, burgers are about more than buns and meat: think cheese and bacon smothered patties, panko-crumbed chicken … Continue reading

May 26 2015

48-Hour Guide to Abu Dhabi

Hazel Plush

Like the pearls that were once gathered from its warm waters, Abu Dhabi is carefully-crafted, glossy, and exclusive – a mature antithesis to its boisterous neighbour Dubai. Believe it or not, this cosmopolitan city is less than 50 years old; before oil drilling began … Continue reading

May 25 2015

Rising Above: The Best Rooftop Bars in Bangkok

Flight Centre UK

Bangkok throws up a heady hodgepodge of adjectives: it’s amazing, bizarre, wonderful and impressive all at once. The entire city is awash with life, day and night, in a way that few others are. While the legendary sights, sounds and smells of this energetic … Continue reading

May 22 2015

The Ultimate Unique Places to Propose

Alexandra Gregg

Calling all travelling romantics! Planning the ultimate proposal, but not sure where to get down on one knee? Or no idea how to make your proposal so unique that it really sweeps your future spouse off their feet? Try these on for size – … Continue reading

May 21 2015

Washington DC Cool: Trading Monuments for Travel Moments

Flight Centre UK

The USA features on most travel bucket lists; the dazzling lights of Vegas, coastal drives in California, shopping in New York City – the lot. But there’s one city that offers a genuine slice of American flair and that’s the capital: Washington DC. You’ll visit … Continue reading

May 20 2015

5 of the Best Afternoon Teas Worldwide

Alexandra Gregg

Just because you’re travelling, doesn’t mean you can’t partake in some thoroughly British traditions as you traverse the globe. And it doesn’t get more British than a pot of earl grey, some thinly-sliced cucumber sandwiches and scones served with the finest clotted cream. Delicious. … Continue reading

May 19 2015

Up, Up and Away! Your Flying Questions Answered

Jason Dutton-Smith

This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia’s blog While travel can be a fun and exciting adventure, there are often travel terms and questions that cause confusion. From airline fees to the effects of alcohol while in the air, the world of flying … Continue reading

May 18 2015

How to Experience Bermuda on a Budget

Flight Centre UK

This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Canada Britain’s oldest colony, Bermuda, is a land of pink sandy beaches, clear turquoise seas, and picturesque old colonial towns. Most people think it’s impossible to travel to Bermuda on a budget, but we’ve got some tips on how … Continue reading

May 15 2015

Explore Sri Lanka: Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Flight Centre UK

One of the most beautiful countries on earth, Sri Lanka lies like a teardrop-shaped gem off the southern tip of India, writes Donna Hardie. This vibrant jewel in the Indian Ocean is bursting with an energy that feels like a dazzling celebration of life itself. … Continue reading