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Mar 25 2015

Chasing Waterfalls and Crocodiles in the Top End

Lauren Burvill

As soon as I step off the plane it hits me like a slap in the face. The heat. Warm and thick with humidity. You’d pay good money for a blast of it back home in winter. But here it’s everywhere and, as a … Continue reading

Mar 23 2015

My Gold Coast Adventure with the Big Aussie Reunion

Alexandra Gregg

This year, Flight Centre UK joined forces with Tourism and Events Queensland, Virgin Australia and Etihad Airways to send a few lucky travellers to Australia, bringing them together with their long-lost family and friends for a ‘Big Aussie Reunion’. One winner, Sophia Deighton, had … Continue reading

Mar 20 2015

12 Reasons Why Fijians are So Happy

Alexandra Gregg

Fiji is the happiest nation on the planet. And no, we’re not just saying that. In fact, according to a survey by the WIN/Gallup International Association – where they interviewed a staggering 64,000 people from 65 countries worldwide – 93 percent of Fijians are … Continue reading

Mar 18 2015

The Perks of Flying Premium Economy

Alexandra Gregg

Prefer life at the front of the plane, away from the other sardines, but don’t have the budget for First or Business Class? Enter Premium Economy. Bridging the gap between standard Economy and Business, this mid-class option is all about delighting in those little … Continue reading

Mar 16 2015

In Focus: Bangkok, Thailand

Flight Centre UK

Here I am, clinging to the back of a motorbike taxi as my smiling driver cuts through the honking traffic and shoots through the parking bay of an office block to skim a traffic-clogged corner – waving at a surprised security guard as he … Continue reading

Mar 12 2015

Why We Love Travelling with our Mums

Lauren Burvill

Travelling with a partner comes easy. Travelling with friends is fun. But travelling with your mum is special. A fleeting chance to relive your childhood and get to know more about the woman in your life who probably knows you more than most. Maybe … Continue reading

Mar 10 2015

Flight Etiquette: The Golden Rules of Flying

Alexandra Gregg

Last year 114 “disruptive passengers” plagued Britain’s flights, doing everything from sparking up in the lavatories to assaulting cabin crew – not to mention even throwing scalding coffee over fellow passengers in a leg-room dispute. The civil aviation authority (CAA) has just released the 2014 … Continue reading

Mar 9 2015

Discover Bali on New Emirates Route

Alexandra Gregg

Planning a trip to Dubai? Why not factor in a quick sojourn to the Indonesian paradise of Bali too? From 3rd of June 2015, the Middle East’s biggest airline – Emirates – will fly daily from Dubai to Denpasar, with enough space for 42 … Continue reading

Mar 5 2015

Sydney’s Secret Swimming Spots

Jayne Gorman

Since moving to Sydney last year I’ve learnt that the locals don’t tend to swim amongst the crazy waves or crowds found at most of the city’s famous beaches. Instead they frequent Olympic-sized public pools, tranquil harbourside coves or ocean baths dug out of … Continue reading

Mar 4 2015

Discovering Northern Thailand


Thailand is undoubtedly famed for the beautiful islands and beaches found in the Southern reaches of the country, alongside the vibrancy and religious grandeur of Bangkok. The lively, and often party-fuelled tourism found in these parts of the country are somewhat contrasted by a … Continue reading