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Oct 30 2014

The Big Aussie Reunion – Last Chance to Enter!

Elle Croft

If you haven’t entered The Big Aussie Reunion yet, we suggest you head over and tell your story right away, because entries close on October 31…that’s tomorrow! Do you have a loved one in Australia you haven’t seen for years? Now’s your chance to … Continue reading

Oct 23 2014

The Big Aussie Reunion: More of Your Stories

Elle Croft

Have you heard about The Big Aussie Reunion?   Do you have a loved one in Australia you haven’t seen for years? Now’s your chance to see them! Enter your story for a chance to win one of 10 places on The Big Aussie … Continue reading

Oct 16 2014

The Big Aussie Reunion: Your Stories so Far

Elle Croft

Have you entered The Big Aussie Reunion yet? Until the end of October, you can enter to win a reunion with a loved one in Australia – there are 10 chances to win, and the prize is huge – it includes return flights to … Continue reading

Oct 15 2014

A Day In The Blue Mountains National Park

Jayne Gorman

It’s Australia’s most accessible wilderness; just a 90-minute drive from Sydney brings to you the Blue Mountains National Park, a staggeringly beautiful section of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. So on your next trip to Sydney why not spend a day out … Continue reading

Oct 10 2014

Competition: The Big Aussie Reunion

Elle Croft

Win a trip to Queensland, Australia and be reunited with a loved one! Are you missing a childhood friend? Maybe a relative that made the big move Down Under? Or maybe even someone you shared an adventure with? It doesn’t matter how you met … Continue reading

Oct 9 2014

The Best History Museums in Sydney

Elle Croft

Sydney has more museums than most cities, and somewhat frustratingly most of them are worth going to, which makes choosing the right one a tricky decision. However, if you’re really keen to learn about the history of Sydney, there are some that are worth … Continue reading

Oct 7 2014

Things to do with the family in Brisbane

Jayne Gorman

The city of Brisbane on Australia’s Gold Coast is often overlooked because it doesn’t have big tourist-drawing sights like an Opera House or Great Barrier Reef.  What is does excel at, however, is a happy, healthy lifestyle for lucky residents and the tourists who … Continue reading

Oct 1 2014

The Stylish Side to Surfers Paradise

Jayne Gorman

Stylish is not a word you often hear association with Surfers Paradise. The Gold Coast city is perhaps better known for surfers, school leaver parties (Schoolies Week) and its proximity to theme parks. But Surfers Paradise does indeed have a stylish side and I … Continue reading

Sep 30 2014

5 Museums to Visit in Auckland

Flight Centre UK

Unlike most capital cities, Auckland isn’t exactly packed full of museums; not that it seems to bother visitors who use it as a launch pad to explore New Zealand’s unparalleled landscapes and scenery. However, it’s worth stopping to catch your breath and learn something … Continue reading

Sep 26 2014

Hidden Gems of Singapore

Elle Croft

Although Singapore is a well known for stopovers on the way to Australia or New Zealand, rarely is it spoken of as a destination in itself. It’s a shame that so few people give it a little more time though, because beyond the incredible … Continue reading